Thursday, July 22, 2010

KOTD - Manik Vs Haterec

Haterec started the rap battle and said that he heard that the guy has somebody judging named Hell and back and called him weak for it. He called his opponent a dick head and he said he hopes that Manik catches aids. He told everyone to wave good bye to his adversary and referred to him as being Pedro and made fun of his eyes. He had a loud hard delivery you could feel the hunger in his voice. He said something that had to do with doing lines of coke. It sounded he said that he'll get brolic his oppositions click calls him a nerd and that's what I think I heard him say and he claimed that he freestyle raps. Haterec was getting on everything about Manik, he even tried to imply that he couldn't fight. He started getting a bit syllabic with his rhymes and compared putting his feet on him to wearing a pair of Puma's while calling him a pussy. He claimed to have heard that his opposition has been a punk since middle school. The last thing he said was that Haterec said was that your in over your head like public swimming pools. When it Manik's turn to rap he started out hyping his hometown crowd up and asking them if they ready. He welcomed Haterec to his town called him a fake ass Quest Mcody, he got real syllabic when he said it. He gave a suggestion to go blaze the trail back from where he came from and said that one punch from him would make his brain go numb.He told him to slit his wrists and said to take his first bath of the year. He asked the guy what broke pimp did he get his name from. Manik said that his challenger is bitch that turns more tricks than Tokyo Drift and said that hes so ugly his whole face has a bad case of cauliflower ear. He told Haterec that his birthday is in a negative year and told him to go back to Portland and make him Nike's. He had an disturbing rap voice that I could imagine someone saying is Okwerd, and told him not to take him lightl.y. It seemed like he said that his challengers mother was a Heroin junkie and accused him of having air born herpes. Manik won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

In the second round of this hip hop battle Haterec started his verse making jokes about Native Americans telling his opposition deal cards at his reserve casino. He said that his rival is an old scrub thats pushing thirty and said he'll either get folded or roll with him that was hot but I don't think that the crowd got it because he had little to know reaction from them. He said that Manik lost to Chronic and he was dealing with Bunk weed. Haterec got super lyrical after he said that and accused his adversary of not being able to read or write. He said that he was about to smite his rival and round house his mother. Then he started spitting real fast when he slowed doown he said that he was a revolutionary with African pride and compared his black heritage to his oppositions Indian culture and said that he is able to get revenge on the white man by dating a white girl then asked him what he has done for his people. Manik started his verse implying that his hottest line was racist and said that Haterec is so black he smells like craigslist scams and lion poop. He said that his adversary's mother taught him to be a bitch and he got his dumbness from his fathers side. He said all he cares about is Haterec homicide and said he is here to take his pride like put all those lions in a zoo. He said that he has hit-men on call that'll make a buffet out of this big pussy. Manik said that he's not a muslim but he never stays away from where them pigs be and said that the K.K.K. clan lives there to. He said that he heard his opponent makes beats then he asked him how he is a producer with nothing to show for it. He told him If he cross his soil. The last thing he said was screw the United States boarders. In my opinion that rapper know as Manik won this round of the battle all the way.

In the third round of this cypher Haterec went in an started spitting after he gave somebody his drink to hold and said that his adversary probably wants to call him nigger and he probably wants to shed a tear when he litters. He said that his adversary his retarded girl friend. He called Manik's raps suffer-able. He accused his rival of being a scary lame who has the B.G.'s and rhyming all intense then said some Tee-pee jokes. Haterec started getting syllabic as usual then told his opposition that he was way flyer in Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon. He claimed that his opponents ancestors share a mantle. He asked how many crimes can this ferry handle? He said that he was surprise that his adversary that he is not wearing sandals and told him to get a job. He called his rival a dork then started to get real syllabic but the person holding the timer called his number. Manik got the crowds attention by saying hay and claiming to run Vancouver. He said that he is electrical and it's a fact. He said Haterec favorite line from camp callus is tighten up in the back. He said if you say you wanna trap then he would send him back to the roach motel for saying he wants to trap and said him and his style is dope. He compared himself to Motorola cell phones said it ain't hard to tell. It sounded like he said he isn't getting punked with the rap because he can't see it like Conceited dunking on Shaq, that was funny. Manik tried to imply that his opponent has a fetish and said he ships and moves stuff like a trucker and said Haterec looks like Precious's daddy that use to have sex with her. He said that he seen his challenger pan handling on Portland streets. He said that he would scalp his adversary but he doesn't know what to do with a black Brillo pad. He tried to say thiat his rival wants to be white more that Lush one wants to be black. Manik won this round of the rap cypher by a tad bit more I would say.

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