Wednesday, July 28, 2010


PAK MAN started this round of the rap battle and if I had to be the judge I would say that spit a freestyle verse. He seemed to be a tad bit on the horrorcore rap made a statement about cutting his neck and left it hanging. He gave a shot out to a few people and warned KAYOS about running his mouth. He tried to get syllabic with his raps. I thought this dude looked like a Arabic version of Shay Davis, he just puts together rhymes different. The man even insisted that his adversary wanted to be him and whether that's true or not I don't know. PAK MAN seemed to be trying to imply that he knew martial arts as well. The Arabic looking man also told his opposition that he's not a gang banger and he compared him to a plastic nail small and frail. KAYOS started out by waving for the crowds attention and then started with an I get money line. He said that he was mad that he got set up to battle a Puerto Rican dip stick and said he would beat his ass too bad for police to know to do with him. I like the Dora The Explorer punchline he said about his friends being animals. He tried to imply that his PAK MAN's girl be creeping on him and lying about saving herself for marriage. His ending wasn't too thorough he probably improvised some of it. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the face off PAK MAN said he would bring clips to his KAYOS front door like the online movie rental company. He said that he would run up in his oppositions house and hold shoot at him. He gave another shot out in his rap verse to someone I'm not really sure who he didn't say the name clear enough. he said that he would treat his opposition like this match up with no beat. The crowd went wild after he aid that. I enjoyed his rhyme style KAYOS went right in to spit after that and claimed to have clout. He said that his boys are like Donald trump with the guns and spit about causing a massacre. His delivery was hype but he basically spent a good minute rapping about the aftermath of what will happen if his opponent messes with him a true hitman with silencers. He turned horrorcore on his challenger when he threatened to throw his opponent and his mother in a mind field. In my opinion this round of the one on one battle was a tie to me.

In the third round of this rap clash PAK MAN started out bragging about the level of rhyming that he's on. He got real syllabic when describing his style. He asked how he was letting a foreigner roast him. He then started to improvise from off the top of the dome and seemed to be just saying anything. KAYOS went in right after and claimed to have been the best in the game since a young guy. He said that he'd put his penis in his opponents girls ear so she can hear him ejaculate. He compared his opponent to a a flat screen and said thats the way he would leave him scared and confused. He compared himself to the carpet of Aladdin trying to call him self fly. KAYOS finished off by saying that he'd leave him looking something like T Rex.

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