Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 4: Joka Jones vs Steve Staples

Joka Jones started the rap battle first and said that Steve Staples always says you can blame it on him for being an ass hole said to think about it he's saying he's an asshole and told everybody to think deeply about it. He compared his rival messing up on a bar is constipation and called himself a gunner called his opposition a runner that can't fight and hides under covers. He then began to say that he grips pipes like plumber and tried to equate his opponent to Stevie Wonder. He called his adversary a hater and said that he would have to put his hand on him then said he would put his gun to his wig. He said that he calls gun his staple remover and asked the crowd why they put him in the ring with him and said that they knew he was gonna bring him down. Joka Jones said that Steve Staples would be a 40 year old virgin and he all of a sudden got syllabic when giving a run down about is gonna happen to him. He said that he is a gunner and claimed to be in the gutter. He asked if the crowd if his adversary looks like somebodies little brother and said the funny story is that he is fat but hates to admit it. He said that it's nobodies fault that he's fat but his own and and accused him of eating too many chitterlings. Joka Jones brought up his oppositions battle against Fresh and said his opponent did all right in that cypher but overall he's corny. He had funny analogies of what his opponent smelled like. He compared himself to the well know cannibal Hannibal then compared his opponent to fake breasts. Steve Staples then went in and began to spit his verse and said challengers name is a joke and accused him of stepping out of his comfort zone for calling him out. He made it clear that his guns have good range and claimed that Joka Jones asked for the beating then called him a twerp. He gave a shout out to Young Thunda as well. He asked his opponent if thinks that he has the right to smirk just because he has one win. He claimed that rival is floating on cloud 9 now and said he would bring him back to earth. Steve Staples compared his opponent to ground turf and said let me show you how this magic works. He said he would have sex with his girl when he is ready and said he would turn his opponent into after birth. He even said he would go his wake and shoot up the church then said when it's war his challenger he is scared and hiding. He even compared Joka Jones to Keyshia Cole mother and said that his scope males sure that he is focused wen he pops. He said that his opponent is a snitch and he'd treat his life like spades leave him in a box. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the second round of the rapping matchup Joka Jones went right in and said his verse saying he told Young Thunda they could fight if he's brave. He said when his gun spits it would put a part in his waves and said he would end his Steve Staples life then get something to eat. He said adversary's chatter was just talk to him and said he would lose his sneakers because his goons would take them off of him. He told his opponent that he isn't Soulja Boy even though they say he looks like him and said not to get it twisted because this ain't an easy match and said he would squeeze the mac and leave his opposition with nothing with nothing but a large piece of fat. Joka Jones said that he'd two piece his rival like a Reese's pack and told him not to rap and to just get a job. He said he would treat his Steve Staples like a kabob. The last thing he mentioned was if you look up his opposition Steve O from Jack ass stapling a sack to his leg He bragged about how strong his marketing is. Steve Staples went in and started rapping. He called his challenger Marcus Jones and said that he is really a good kid. He claimed that his opposition listens to a lot of Tupac and he really wants to live that thug life while comparing bullets to stray hairs. Steve Staples said that his opponent shouldn't have been made a man. He said that he would shoot his adversary's funny bone and get rid of his sense of humor. He compared his gun to a rumor and said he gave his rivals girl a tumor. Steve Staples got on rival for having a baby face and asked how they called him Joka Jones when he looks like The Penguin. He tried to say that his challenger didn't look hard. He said that he would stomp the his opposition and turn him into two face. He said that he would turn his opponent into funny sections. He compared his shooting game to Ray Allen and said his opponent wouldn't poke someone on Facebook. In my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the one on one battle Joka Jones said that Steve Staples is a bitch and he could see it in his eyes. He said that his homeboys is looking for his opposition they aren't talking about office supplies. He said his boys would push a red dot then said easy button and said his girl friend is a bust down that stays on the stroll. He said he screws her lights out then sends her to him playing a roll and said that his opposition plays with her toes. He said that he would send her back to him with stain on her clothes and she would make a lie up about she got it from cooking then tell him that his plates on the stove. Joka Jones told his Steve Staples that he wasn't in the trap with his gun and accused him of selling socks on ninety fifth. He said that his opponent doesn't hit the block or spray automatics and said the last time he was he was eating up the green he ate cabbage. He told his opposition that nothing he makes is classic and he ain't worth a nickel. He also compared his opponent to a dill pickle and called him one of the Dill pickles then accused him of playing with Bee Bee guns. He said his gun would put him against the wall. Steve Staples went in and called his challenger a hater. He said that if his opponent doesn't believe he can do it he'd make him fly. He said that he wouldn't be using hands when he waves good bye. he said that he would take the pump and turn his opponent to a sky scraper then get his girl and let a whole bunch of guys rape her. He compared his guns to a Fraternity. He called him self a cold nigga then described his internal organs to Joka Jones. He claimed to have a chopper on him and said that when it's beef turn his opponent into pasta. Steve Staples reminded Joka Jones that he's not a goalie. He told his challenger if he's married to the block then he needs to start separating and I liked the punch line he made referring to his oppositions segregating. He taught a little bit of history with the rhyme he said about emancipation. He said that his arms are strong with no Lance relation and said his opponent is a liar. He said that he shoots storms that blow until the roofs gone. He said that his homeboys be getting head from his adversary's girl and said that he would meet him in his hood with guns that can shoot a hundred yards. Steve Staples won this round of the rap clash.

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