Tuesday, July 27, 2010

G-KiDd vs Uno Lavos Freestyle -HUNTING SEASON

Uno Lavos went first in this cypher saying that everybody in the crowd knows that G-KiDd ain't hot. He said that he would come up in his top because his opponents gonna flop. He said his opponent ain't a g at all and said that if he hits him in the temple he would probably fall. He said that nobody thinks that his opposition is hot and he compared his opposition to a vagina and talked about him for wearing Polo sneakers. He told his adversary that he doesn't want none of him and he's like a son to him. He compared him to a nigga that looks like Big Pun to him and it 's a good thing that somebody called time because he was starting to just say anything. G-KiDd immediately jumped into the battle and asked Uno Lavos what he was even speaking for and said he would carve a whole in his oppositions neck so he could start breathing more. He said he had a flow you ain't seen before and said that he's spits that crack and he guesses that his challenger needed more. He claimed that his bars aren't premeditated and threatened to leave his opponent with wounds and scars. He got a bit deep when he said to look at the stars and G-KiDd said that he was better than Uno Lavos which isn't a site that you even got to see by far. He called his opposition a dog that needs to lie on the door mat and said that he wasn't the dude to bee tried on. He said that he would start start rhyming like Saigon.He started to ask his opponent questions then he started messing up. He said that he would have a chick rape his challenger and finished off by saying he would have him doing drugs and then single him out like a Lucy. In my opinion G-KiDd won this round of the clash.

In the second round of this freestyle battle Uno Lavos started out calling his adversary dumb and a stupid Young Buck. He said if his opponent seen a martial arts movie he'd probably wanna go buy nun chucks. He said he wasn't talking about giving his opponent ass when he says that he's gonna gun butt him. He said that he is a monster and doesn't need a soul and dudes be bumping his tracks until they speakers blow. He said that anything that runs on his block him and his crew controls and said that he would get G-KiDd clapped with no strings attached like the controller to the latest Nintendo system. He said that his rivals a bitch who wouldn't let the lead bust and said that he isn't waving shit like a pit with his tail cut. He claimed to be a cocky ass nigga and said that his adversary stinks and called him a cocky ass nigga as well then said he needs his mother to go take him to the potty. He tried to call his opposition crusty and said that his girl be trying to peel there bananas and she be getting her monkey on. Uno Lavos said that he throws barrows like he is Donkey Kong and he'd tell his adversary's chick to take that and he wasn't talking about Puffy's song. He asked what the line up was and told his opponent that he wouldn't win and asked him how he would neat him when he got three chins. G-KiDd started his verse off asking his challenger his name I guess he had forgotten it then he compared the guys skills to a midget trying to nut. He said that he knew his opposition was anal and uptight but he didn't know he was referring to his butt. He asked his opponent what was wrong with him and asked him if he said does he wanna do a song with him. He said that he could barely rap next too him let alone get along with him and said he would grab his beads then get his mother while she's getting her groceries. G-KiDd said that he hopes his Uno Lavos isn't approaching him because he keeps the blade by his side real closely. He said that his challenger is going in the pool and you know that he'd be flopping. He seem to be describing a murder scene and said yellow tape around take precaution. He reminded that he was rhyming off the top of the dome and said that his opposition was missing an X Y chromosome. He told people to leave this fagot alone and said that he talks out his mouth like Sylvester Stallone and compared his girl to dog. In my opinion G-KiDd won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of this emcee clash Uno Lavos said you talking about blades nigga I got big cleavers. He called his opponent a nasty chick with breasts aka a big diva and called the people around him cheerleaders. He called his opponent nasty and had stomach insults on his opposition. He even said that his oppositions girl was clowning his penis and said that the animals let you in but after this they gonna let you out. He said nigga what is you on you should had a suit on and said he would have his opponents girl slobber on his penis. G-KiDd went right in to spit his verse next and claimed to be the deadliest warrior around. He threatened to leave wounds and holes in Uno Lavos shirt. He said he would put a bunch of holes in his girl to receive in and said that Uno Lavos said everything that everybody says all repeat stuff. He said he would fill his opponent up with lead. He said that his rival should be mute. He also said that th his adversary's girl said he was fat but she said his dick is cute and it smiles on her . He said if he shoots at his asdversary's head it would turn into a sun visor.


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