Wednesday, July 28, 2010


SPLIFF started the first round of this cypher it sounded like he said that SMIRF couldn't ride his wave if he did what the seals do and said broads don't feel his opposition because his flow was small. He had a smooth delivery when he rhymed and wasn't modest to admit that he's a chill dude. He seemed to spitting a freestyle rap and ran out of things to say pretty early in the game during this round. I didn't get the punchline he made the squirrels but whatever he was pretty good to be coming off the top. His ending was kind of thorough when he said his rival would shoot himself with his own gun. SMIRF said that he's about to eat his opposition and said that he was about to eat SPLIFF and he didn't even say his grace yet and he said he'd leave his opponent leaning like he's taking meth. He asked his adversary what he does and tried to imply that he climbs trees. He told a story that I thought was kind of corny. He tried to say that his challenger is trying to impress a girl. He added a tad bit more comedy to his performance when he said his opponent was Eve from Barbershop. His ending was a tad bit harder and in my opinion SMIRF won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the freestyle battle SPLIFF said to ask his adversary if he ever heard a gun pop and said he'd leave him stinking real long from gun shots. He put on a devious voice when he was rapping. He seemed to be boring the people around him but i'd sqy his performance was funny regardless. He said that he would shoot him then when he gets on the ground he would slap him. He said that SMIRF got folds in his stomach the size of bowling balls. SPLIFF even called him a pussy and said to get the the Trojans and he even had stuff to say about his oppositions girl talking about how her mouth feels. Then SMIRF jumped in and compared his opponents breath to phone sex his punchline didn't make any sense though. He came up with another story that he seemed to be improvising out of his ass. He started to get horror core style with his raps. He was ranking SPLIFF's man boobs and claimed that he sold coke his mother. He gave a shot out to his home boy that's locked up. This round of the rapping battle was a tie.

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