Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jessyka James vs Miles Low: AHAT Rap Battle

Miles Low started this rhyme battle he tried to compare himself to Iron Solomon and tried to make fat jokes on Jessyka James. It seemed that he had a subtle stop in the middle of his verse. He seemed to be calling another rapper out then right after he compared his opponent to Nicki Minaj. He then proceeded to say that she needs a Tic Tac and started messing up on his raps. He called her as dangerous as as Sisqo doing the disco. He had a slick punchline about her being a magot. He seemed to keep calling out some other dude and it just seemed sloppy. Jessyka James then went in and started rhyming with a old school lyrical delivery. She called her challenger a fagot with too much estrogen, her raps were more consistent. She ended by saying she'd make his bowels loosen. Jessyka James won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the cypher Miles Low called her Erykah Badu with a bad hair day and tried make fun of her shoe size. He also accused her of being a transsexual and having sex with his girl. Jessyka James then went in and started flowing and said that her adversary was fake and probably plays with his booty in his spare time. She called him a funny ass nigga. She said that she would call him the tin man because he's missing a heart. She said that the other rappers aren't good enough for the beats they get on. She compared winning this battle to the Detroit Pistons. She said he only had one punchline out of thirty two bars. She also tried to call her rhymes deep. She said she would get up in Miles Low's ass. Jessyka James won this round of the freestyle battle.

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