Tuesday, July 20, 2010


MOSES started rapping first in this cypher. He said on the regular he offs guys and he compared the girl friend of MIKE BEEZ to Randy Savage. He said that he sends dudes to the Sky Box like standing court side and equated his eyes to Ethan Allen Hawk's. He called MIKE BEEZ girl dumb and told him that he would stick his straw in his girls juice box and sip like a Capri Sun. MOSES started to say that since his adversary is from the home of the haze then slipped up for a few, it seems that he forgot his written rhymes. He finished up with a little something it was syllabic and obviously memorized. It wasn't bad but when you mess up as bad as he did you might as well give up that round. He asked how his opponent is a blood but acts real funny with it and when his turn was up he kept on rapping after the person called time. Mike Beez went right in and started spitting his verse saying that he does it lightly. He said he would leave MOSES mouth red like ice-es and said forget Ne mo cats need to find him. His style was smoother than his challenger. He equated himself to Layla Ali and said he would beat his opponents chick up and accused him of riding his meat. He claimed that if his rival is wavy then he's a tsunami. He mentioned Hardcore Holly and Red Cafe John Cena Ray Charles and Jay Quan. Mike Beez won this round of the rap battle based on delivery and consistency.

MOSES started the second round of this rap cypher asking Mike Beez why he doesn't Globe Trot if he's from Harlem It seemed that he had a quick slip up again. He said he use to be a little nigga but he shoots guns now. He said that he is hood smart and book smart and you can call him a wise guy and claimed to have connects on the wireless. He called his opponent Captain Jack to fall back and said flame throwers I guess he was talking about his lyrics. His pauses in between his verses.His pauses were too long He's not bad but it was just an awkward vibe when he spit. Mike Beez claimed to get women and claims MOSES necks nigga's and called himself whole wheat while calling his opposition plain white bread different. He said Mike Beez spits lameness. He said that he says those banned from television Lil Wayne raps. He said he was on that Alpha dog status and seemed to be mentioning a few Street Fighter characters or Dutch Vegain his rhymes. He said that his challenger should've ran like Forest. Both of these rappers had a questionable performance in this round so it was a tie in my opinion.

MOSES started round three saying that no one came to his aid when he was locked up . He said it's nothing to give a sucker an ass whooping like a hockey player and then he went on to say that when he got released he was right back hustling. He claimed to be drug free but everything he writes is dope from what he says. He said he'll one round any dude who thinks he could hang and said that it's a shame and said half these dudes can't stand the guy and if you dont understand it he said he'll spit it standardized. MOSES claims that he get doe and has an undeniable flow. He described in details his morning regimen which included cooking up a bit more than breakfast then he said it's Good Morning New York. He tried to say that Mike Beez didn't have no girls and his punchlines were fantasized like his background as well as equating his bars to poop. He said for drug money he'd twist a nigga's cap like a Yahoo drink. He said that he boxes cats in while putting up numbers with a bit of a pause at the end then said flame throwers at the very end. Mike Beez went into rap next and had a unique start. It sounds like he was trying to sing a church song in the beginning but his lyrics were based on weapons. He tried to say that this his challenger named MOSES wasn't chosen. He said it's all G and you should hear him speak and continued to brag about his guns. He said that he beat a chick for getting out of line. He compared his raps to a Magnum condom. Mike Beez claimed to love attention. He said you would've thought he knew Steve Harvey and called his adversary Bullet head while trying to warn him about playing Romeo. This round was a tie in my opinion I was digging the abstract rap style of both emcees.



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