Wednesday, July 28, 2010


JOHNNY DANGER started the rap battle he told a story and said that he tried out for Grind Time and Smack aka URL tv. He tried to say that his opposition actually looks like an animal and got specific in syllabic fashion. He said that he doesn't care what his name is and if he brings it and had jokes about his oppositions man boobs. He called RAW MATERIAL Forest-Gump. He says he feels like Tupac and said he wants to have sex with his opponents girl. he claimed to smoke like a hippie. He he would have sex with his adversary's girl frog style I guess he was trying to call him a wet back. JOHNNY DANGER said that he burnt smoke into the ashes. He said if his rival has an opinion and it turns foul he'd get jumped like the turn style. RAW MATERIAL went in talking about how he reps his city and said described how they draw clips. I'm mad that he messed up right after that last punchline. Then he picked up and said his jungle is gully and has rhyming fiends and said he would turn his opponent to Step-hon make him feel like he is seeing angels when the gun is drawn. He said he would bring the semi on JOHNNY DANGER's chest. He said he would shoot at him and all of his partners while annihilating his block. He called him self a king among queens and compared it to a chest board. RAW MATERIAL compared his violent war path to connect four and he said that his challengers girl sucks toes ans claimed that he shoves his arms up her vagina up to the shoulder. He bragged about being an up north nigga and said he would leave his opponents block looking like a pimp my ride segment. He said he use to do ventriloquist acts with his adversary's little sister. In my opinion this round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the JOHNNY DANGER said that he heard a lot of dudes are talking like they wanna pay the hundred dollars to go to the URL tryouts and said that most of them didn't have no money to tryout. He said them cats corny and claimed to spent a thousand to be on Smack. He compared himself to Fat Albert and said that he killed nigga's and equated him self to the KKK. He said that he didn't care who his adversary's man was and said he called his own flow retarded. He said that his rival buys his pants and they fit tight. JOHNNY DANGER said that RAW MATERIAL's pants fit on him like he could do a salsa dance but he can't get light. He said that since his opponent accepted the cypher then it's on and told him that he isn't the king of the ring he's wrong. He called his opponent ugly then claimed to know why his opposition dis likes him and claimed that his wife likes him. He said that if his opposition is short on the cash they would hang around his crib like drapery. He even had called his rivals True Religion shirt fake. JOHNNY DANGER said that he would make his girl work on the strip and make her get dollars from sucking dick. He told his adversary that he loses and said when he's finished with his girl he would leave her knees bruised. The last statement that he made was calling his opponents shoes fake. RAW MATERIAL called his challenger a fronter for saying that he had sex with his girl and tried to say that his opposition is a sucker for love. He asked his rival why he looks the way he does and called him a K mart shopper and he messed up then said it was freestyle. He started to say stuff about guns and reminded that he is that nigga. He said that he was gonna leave JOHNNY DANGER by a river and told him that he has no defense. He asked his adversary if he thought he was a G and said he would send him to another dimension. RAW MATERIAL claimed to have a grown man flow and called his opponents status young. He said his knife will make imprints that look like bee stings on the side of his opposition's temple. He started messing up and jumped back in and said he would cut the guys red freckles. In my opinion JOHNNY DANGER won this round of the matchup

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