Thursday, July 22, 2010

KOTD - Edwords vs Cody the Catch

Edwords started the first round of this battle and said he remembers Cody the Catch sitting in lord Nelsons door way bitching and called him horse face. He got said syllabic and called his opponents rhymes as forced as rape victims in New York State Prison. From the beggining you could tell that this was gonna be a lyrical match up. He claimed to be on a personal mission to have him nervously twitching and to prove that he can't flow in every worthless verse that he has written. Edwords said that he looked at the top thirty in the top KOTD division and said that his Cody the Catch doesn't even deserve a top ten mention in Alberta's division. He mentioned Hollohan, Daley, Sketch Menace, Bruce B, Ubiquitous, Lexington, McKnight, Whatevski, and Chedda Cheese trying to imply that these guys are legends King Of The Dot. He said thinking he's top ten is his adversary's requiem for a dream and said that he looks like a heroin addict that's barely existent. Edwords said that it looks like someone got his opponent in salaverry position and beat you till you until your vocabulary was missing. He tried to call this a lose, lose situation and said you couldn't chose Cody the Catch coming correct when he chose and said that he won't even get any respect when he's through so at the they'll have Cody in a katch 22. He told his opponent that he is in trouble because he steals punchlines. Edwords said that they call his album death to bubble gum because he bites off more than he can chew and told him that this is just his quarterly review. He said depending on how horribly he does he guesses he can pay the transit cops to have him forcefully removed. Cody the Catch jumped in to battle but first he had quiet down the rowdy crowd. He started off telling a story about when Edwords was born and said that they cut his umbilical chord and he fell on the floor. He said that his mom looked at his dad like when get out the door lets trade it for a stereo and sell it for more. He told him that his whole family is smelly and poor. Cody the Catch said that his challenger is in his 20's but has the penis size of an 11 year old and implied that Cody the Catch genital warts and the head of a dwarf. He claims that he was here to settle the score and said was into dope beats made from 70's soul while Edwords rather spend sleepless nights snorting meth in a bowl. He told him to get some control and said that his adversary's penis doesn't work because he has done a lot of coke. He tried to imply that he was battling a rape victim and said boys rent a hooker he's like wait my mom forgot her smokes. He said that little Mathew and his family are poor as dirt. He asked if he could get a challenger that's more deserved than a Tim Horton's clerk. He said that every cypher they are always waiting for his verse. He claimed that Ed is always short of words. He said hater please and said he'd make it breef. He that his opposition probably has maple leaf stickers on his anal beads and threatened to break his opponent knees. He said that he would take his ski's to lake Loise and said that half of his footage is horrible. He said that he can't believe that his challenger actually acts hard. He said that he cant actually believe that he practices sad barsHe told his rival to go back home and smoke crack in his dads barn. In my opinion Cody the Catch kind of hit his adversary a little harder so I would say that he won the cypher.

Edwords started the second round of this cypher telling his opponent that his breath smells great that was unexpected I guess he was trying to imply uses mouth wash more than he uses soap, I wonder why he would do that, do you get it? He claimed that his rival didn't have a real tattoo on the side of his throat it's really an esophagus growth from the seeds of men when he swallows there loads. He told Cody the Catch you don't need baggy jeans just to do that hes said. He said that he's not a hustler but he addresses the issues like a magazine subscription. Edwords got super syllabic and tried to imply that his opponent wouldn't show a gun. He said that he's gonna show his adversary out for being a faker and and compared himself to Koby and The Lakers. He claimed that he was gonna show his adversary something that would make him worry and said that when Cody the Catch was young he got touched explicitly by members of his church. He said no one thinks that this man in the face is really fast for the works and if he throws up his hands in amazement he's acting disturbed. Edwords said when his opponent doest get a standing ovation he'll get the clap that he deserves. Cody the Catch went in immediately after saying that he's really glad that a topics been covered and he said that he was gonna dis his opponent and not his mother, just interact and talk with others. He called him lame basically and asked him what is with his hat he's not a hunter but his challengers sisters snatch has got some numbers. He claimed to have sodomized Edwords sister with a whiffle bat and watched her suffer and accused him of listening to Nickel back while wondering if he should leave rap and become a plumber. Cody the Catch said that his opposition looks like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder. He called himself hot as summer and fresh sort of like the air. He referred to his opponents being too short to even go on rides at fairs and tried to accuse him of being a snitch. He said that Edwords challengers girl looks like a pear and she lets motor bikers run trains on her. He said that he was gonna take the money he wins from this rap battle and go do blow and use it with Hollohan. He said he's not a little brother but he'll put a big piece of feces on your microphone. He said people who see this cypher are gonna ask his opposition if he is alright and then spit about leaving his leaving the guys grandma in an awkward position and then take a picture of her to masturbate to. He said that his challenger was the definition of a hater. He said that his girl is pregnant and in nine months she'll have a native kid. In my opinion Cody the Catch won this round of the rap battle by a tad bit more.

In the third round of this match up Edwords went right in and started off by saying that he make racial rhyme because he's arrogant. He said that Cody the Catch drops the most trash and he's Native American and called him a scavenger that dribbles pictures on the wall just to mark his monthly calendar, you get it it Aztecs. He said that this battle is a massacre and said he dis his oppositions ancestor in a syllabic form. He described of his opponent being born as the result of three way. Edwords referred to his adversary being one of the cities worst MC's and said that he needs to quit freestyling. He compared his rival to a DUI driver and called him a charity case with no athletic ability. He said that he could tell by his character traits and medical history that he's aware of his face and it's generic deficiency. He said he would walk into city hall and threaten officials to change the laws so he could kill his opposition legally. Edwords said he would show his opponent a bomb if he complains about the judges. Cody the Catch started his verse in this rap tournament when the crowd quiet and said that him and Sketch Menace had a conversation about his adversary being short, ugly, and weird and said that was a valid observation. He said that Eds an alright but he's a fagot on occasions. He said that his rival is only here to get a name rapping. He said that he's from a town in Ontario and into Kayaking and rain dancing. Cody the Catch tried to imply that he was battling a rapist and couldn't believe he was in the same bracket as him. He said to Edwords use to take ballet classes and that he is not Jack Shitt and said that he heard that from St Catherine. He called him a rat with whiskers aka Master Splinters sister and that he probably has Cody the Catch and Snack The Ripper action figures. He said that girls would rather be fingered than ed word scissor hands than Edwords him self. He said that nasty strippers would that flash there behinds wouldn't be interested in his opponent. He spit that he knew everything that his adversary was gonna say before he seen him and he knew that the crowd would over react. He was on a roll and said mom joke time than he got stopped because his time was up. Cody the Catch won this round of the round of the cypher by a tad bit more only because he was more disrespectful both of them are evenly matched as far as skills.

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