Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: P.G. Skillet vs Apex (GTN DMV Tryout Battle)

P.G. Skillet started the rhyme battle he said Apex ain't got no doe and his ex girl said that he's cheap with money and when his crew leaves the battle they are gonna mess with her claiming one of them might get her pregnant. He asked Apex where his Wheaties is at since he is feeling like a champ. He compared his rival to Peedi Crack. His delivery was in your face and he said he doesn't care where he's at he'll steel off and compared Apex to black women, trying to say that he has a hoe attitude. P.G. Skillet said pistol whip his opponents momma put the pump up to his daddy head. Apex started his rap verse introducing himself and would've introduced his challenger but he forgot the challengers name. He said that if he takes P.G. Skillet off his block that he'd most likely comeback and bum rush him with the cops and tried to call him a dirty cop, he even said that he seen P.G. Skillet writing a parking ticket. He said that he could tell his opposition was lame because of his introduction. Apex also mentioned his losses but said he was high so he didn't care. He said that P.G. Skillet watched The Wire to get prepared for him. He ended by saying that his dudes keep guns that you only see on the military channel. This round of the cypher was a tie.

P.G. Skillet started the second round of this rhyme battle calling himself strategic and said he knew that it might be a Tennis match. He told what seemed to be a fictional story about how he looked up Apex online and found him. First of all Apex is a hard keyword to rank for especially when that's is the name of a popular television company. He called his opponents mother a nasty looking porn star that looked like Shrek and made fun of the guys sister , said she had ashy lips. He said that he smells like his whole done gone bad. He said no matter how much Apex cleans his house he still have a house that smells like chitterlings. Apex started his verse saying this is hardcore Hon city where they blaze the weapon. He said he thought P.G. Skillet was a soldier until he shot him in his shoulder and then he started crying. He accused his challenger of practicing bestiality. He accused his rival of doing a voice over for the cartoon called "The Boondocks" and accused him of spitting gay raps. Apex took this round for sure when he described P.G. Skillet's girl this is what gave him the win in my opinion.

In the third round of the tournament P.G. Skillet told the crowd to check his girl then he wasted no time rapping. He told a story about Apex's life and said that he wakes up in the morning taking orders from his girl. He tried to imply that Apex wasn't the man in the house and has a girl friend that treats him like his mother probably would. P.G. Skillet got in his face and seemed to be trying to imply that he could fight him and doesn't need a gun and seemed to be the trying to use big words when he called his rival a vegan, I just didn't expect him to say that. Apex started his round basically saying screw P.G. Skillet and said he had an on the phone interview with his mother, she is apparently wanting a lover. He said that she is so ugly she makes you wanna cut your dick of instead of have sex with her. He called his challenger the guy from South Park and told that he should'v came with better rhymes and better bars because his name sounds like a restaurant. He called his challenger food and said that he wanted some one else to take his place at the end. Apex equated P.G. Skillet to being nothing but a snack. P.G. Skillet won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

Apex started rapping first in this round of the cypher he said that he is somebody and his challenger is nobody and he is a somebody basically. He said that he would shoot his rivals hair line to the back of his neck. He said that his opponent is a small fry. He told him screw his style and everything that he came with. He called P.G. Skillet a lame bitch because of where he comes from. He said that P.G. is known for sucking DC's dick. He started to freestyle towards the end of his verse. P.G. Skillet began rapping soon after Apex finished and countered Apex's last insult that he made about his hood. He tried to imply that his opponent was wrong and they don't suck D.C.'s dick. P.G. Skillet implied that his rival isn't respected in his Baltimore and said that he ain't got no hands. He said that Apex will fail if he's testing him and bragged that all he's smoking is the best of weed. P.G. Skillet went on to make fun of Apex's clothes and said he is leaving his opponents girl. This round of the match up was hard to judge I would call this a this round a tie.

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