Saturday, July 17, 2010

AHAT Rap Battles: Doms vs Abcde

Abcde started the lyrical battle saying that it was uncalled for and tried to say that he can't figure out whether he is rapping against a girl or a boy. This Grind Time M Cmade comments about making Doms mother being sore from the night before and he compared his genitals to cardboard and called his opponent a prick. He made a good point about Doms looking like Marcia from The Brady Bunch which I would say was an accurate observation because thats who he kind of reminds me of (I hope that kid never goes to jail he'd be in trouble looking like a girl and all). Abcde brought up the fact that his adversary was a part of Gauges family and tried to call him a cry baby. He talked crap about his younger oppositions girl and called himself a lyrical Poltergeist. He also said that his opponent looks at himself in th mirror and equates himself to Michael Jackson. He said that he himself had the swagger of Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon. The last thing he said was 60 seconds. Doms then went in and started spitting but first he took his jacket off to show his shirt. His agenda was to try to call Abcde a fagot and said that he shops at Ambercrombie and Fitch. He tried to say that his challenger is a wimp that wouldn't shoot a gun and only takes shots when he's drinking absolute. The line that he spit that was dope was hen he said to tell O.D. to hand him an absent note. He finished of with a thorough punchline using his rivals name. This round was a bit close but I would say based on consistency Abcde won this round of the rhyme cypher.

Abcde started round 2 of the rap battle saying that he doesn't need 60 seconds to spit infections and said he came to rip his Doms intestines. He was nicely polished and syllabic in his rhyme schemes and accused his adversary of chronic masturbating . He also said that his dogs will bark like DMX and said that he was gonna hit the kids in his face and turn him tan blue. The lyricist known as Abcde wasted little to no time comparing his word play to atomic bombs. He said that his rival had a basic flow. Doms started his rap verse talking about how corny his opposition was and basically called him a corn ball for not getting any play from his girl friend. He focused on calling challenger a fag and his girl friend is just a cover up. He accused his opponent of having a relationship with his home boy and called them both so feminant that if they can do something gay and be looked at as lesbians. He had racist Samoan jokes as well. He had a good closer that Hawaian punch rhyme was thorough. This round of the Hip hop battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this rap cypher Abcde said don't ever question the fact if he could serve him because he said that he would hurt him. He said he was gonna make it fast because he knows he's young and he knows that it's past his curfew. He tried to say that Doms never held a gun in his life and said he couldn't be ill if he popped both pills. He said that his young opponent has hair to disguise him being a Nazi. He said that Doms is so young that he couldn't even battle on a school bus because he'll get chewed up. He said that Abcde is in a group called IDK and continued to twist the challengers rap name around. He even had spit a plot about making his Samoan adversary drive off a cliff and told him that his music sucks so he would never listen to his oppositions mixtape. He equated Abcde to a bag of green and said that he would smoke him. He said that he does real hip hop so he would never do a song with his rival because he uses Auto Tune too much. He told his opponent that Las Vegas is his city and told him to quit making it look bad. Doms won this round of the rapping battle for sure because he just had more punchlines and a tougher delivery.

In the fourth and last promo round Abcde said that Doms gave some kid dome and then they supposedly had a kid. He called the kid Jay from Silent Bob and told a syllabic story about his opponent indulging homo sexual activity. He threatened to hit his adversary with a sucker punch then he made a comment about his opponents shirt. He started to freestyle the rest of his lines. I'm mad that the crowd started cheering for him when he said the same thing twice but anyways the last thing he said was that Doms can suck a dick. Doms went in and started spitting next countering the fact that Abcde called him jay from Silent Bob. He called challenger a fake and lieing fraud who raped a tiny dog, he was saying anything. He tried to imply that he was battling a dope head and threaten to hog tie stab than leave his opposition floating in the ocean. He basically was trying to say that he was spitting against a fake and he was gonna shoot his rivals hair due off Doms won this round.

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