Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Dirtbag Dan vs Purpose

Purpose started the lyrical match first asking if he just walked on to the set of Farmer wants a wife and compared his adversary to Humpty Dumpty. He tried to say that Dirtbag Dan lies about getting girls and accused him of having practicing incest with his cousins. He said that anyone who looks at his opponents beard could tell that it's time to let it go but when shaves it off you would know why he let it grow. He told him that his Mr.Personality game doesn't fly. He tried re enacted a someone stumbling on his verse and I guess he was taunting the opposition. It seeemed that Purpose was using his style of putting rhymes together was kind of thorough in my opinion. He called him a girl slash man who looks a Pearl Jam Fan and it sounded like he called him a Bay side Hick. He tried to say that his adversary has a sad day to day life. Dirtbag Dan started his round off saying in this rhyme battle telling everybody who his challenger was aka baby Frankenstein . He said that when he is hungry they serve him Prime rib and said that Purpose has a worthless career with no. He also equated his rival and his crew to Pinky And The Brain. He said that if his opponent shows resistance he would put him in the distance. He threatened to send opposition in the air with a syllabic lyrical. This round of the rhyme fest was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher the emcee otherwise known as Purpose started spitting. He countered Dirtbag Dan because I guess he said something about his height and said that his adversary wishes he was Madness. He asked his rival when he became Italian and called him a nerd if thinks that his status on Youtube matters. He said that he might be broke but not as poor as his competitor. He called him a new school generic rapper and said that he looked Okwerdz if he let him go. Purpose said that his opponent can call him young like he's wet behind the ears but he claimed that Dirtbag Dan hasn't had sex in nineteen years. He said that he doesn't trust what is behind his adversary's beard. He said that his opposition was the writer for Slip Knots album Iowa. He asked him if he was a rapper and said his first guess was that he is a white trash red neck cattle farmer that hangs on the farm singing Sweet Home Alabama while burning his cigarette wholes through pictures of Barrack Obama. He finished off by saying easy. The emcee known as Dirtbag Dan went in and started. rhyming next and claimed to be able to see the future. He said that he is in bed with Purposes mother eating French toast and grapes. He compared himself to Mentos. He said that his challenger is not Fresh Coast and made fun of the mans face. He called his adversary the first cricket to ever play cricket. He called his opponent small. He all of a sudden said he dissected bigger bugs than opposition Biology and asked him if he followed. He had syllabic rhymes during this part of the round and he even mentioned HOLLOW DA DON. Dirtbag Dan finished This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher Purpose started his verse trying to call his adversary homeless. He compared shaving his rival beard to shaving a bear. He said that his opponent would make headlines and called him a representation of every thing in the battle scene that everybody hates but lets slide. He then went on to say that he doesn't respect the opposition and his associates. He told Dirtbag Dan that he is a long ways away from home and to be on his best behavior. Purpose said that he respects Oshea because this is the second loss that his adversary is taking to an over seas rapper that he shouldn't have underestimated. He equated him to Walker Texas Rangerand also told his adversary that he lives in a 8 mile fantasy. He said that his opposition looks like a pissed off lyricist that never made it. He ended by saying that the only O T that his match is gonna get is a promo one. Dirtbag Dan started his verse asking him how is crew chose there name. He called Purpose music awful and called him a godless Pagan. He called him an oddly misshapen walking abortion and told them to give him a plate and he'd show them his adversary's insides. He called his challengers head enormous and accused him of telling people that he is a boy genius,Do you get it? He said that his opposition was born with no penis. He compared his rival to Rocky from Three Ninjas and implied that his opposition is worthless. He said that his teacher was wrong when she said that he would never serve a Purpose in life his opponent in his opinion. This round of the rapping battle was too close.

In the fourth and last round of this match up Dirtbag Dan went in and started spitting. He said that his adversary is easy to make fun of because he is small and it also seemed like he calling Purpose corny for using red neck jokes. He said that he 's only here on vacation to celebrate an engagement and seemed to be losing his effect on the crowd. He said that his opponent tried to front like the cypher was beneath him but he's just lucky that he traveled there to beat him. Dirtbag Dan said that there is a 3 year gap in his opponents resume and told him to just be glad that it's over. Purpose compared his challenger to a submarine for his career never surfacing and called him an Anus Wipe. He all of a sudden got syllabic with his putting his rhymes together. He said that his opposition has a big head and small mind. He said that he'd knock his head off his body and it would be all his and said he would burn him because he is a worthless bitch. When it was time for Purpose to spit his lyrics he said Dirtbag Dan looks like Ricky Bobby if he shaves his face and said that he has a deeper voice even though he is one eight of his opponents weight. He said that when his rivals father dies his the only thing that he will inherit are trailers and hay and asked him if he should be out hanging some one. He even compared his opponent to the Lion that starts at the beggining of every M G M movie, that was classic his punchlines were crazy. He said that judging by Dirtbag Dans beard being so hairy that if you seen him sleeping the woods with his shirt of he'd look like a dead bear and said that no one there knew who he was except Decoy. He told his adversary that he was totally unknown and basically giving him a message of hostility and letting know he needs to take his pass port and go home. In my opinion Purpose won this round of the hip hop battle without a doubt.

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