Saturday, July 24, 2010

KOTD - Bender vs Aftershock

Aftershock started the rhyme battle first saying screw somebody couldn't quite tell who he was cursing but he was clearly spitting a written being that he messed at the beggining of his verse. He seemed to have threatened to bandage Bender up or have his home boy seal his fate in the back of the truck. He said screw all that all that talk about weak profits. He said that he wanted to know how much his opponents uncle paid him for head. He said that he smells the aids on his adversary's breath. He threatened put a knife to his beard and asked him how is he a shooter when his gun is on safety. Aftershock asked his opposition if he got deep problems that medicine can't fixed and told his rival that he ain't got guns. He said that he would smack his opposition in to next month when he hits him with brass knuckles. He even used his opponents name as a metaphor. Bender said that he was gonna be cool with his challenger but he called him out and he claimed that he was gonna defeat him. He said that his adversary should have learned how to swim before burning bridges. He said that his opponent could talk about how his stomach sags and his punches and his knuckles drag but his opponent should be the last person who judges him like Madness with the ruffles bag. He tried to imply that his Aftershock doesn't shoot guns and said that he'd get his ass kicked for it. He told him to put his money in the bag in an unmarked fashion and said that if he raises a finger he would turn him into the one armed bandit. Bender said that he would give left testicle to see his rival shoot a real gun because apparently his guns are plastic and seemed to be saying that his challenger loves to listen to his classics that make the club start thrashing. He said that he doesn't need a fire arm he would let one bar smash Aftershock because his gang catches wreck like a junk yard magnet. He told him to stop talking about weapons before he blocks off all the exits and draws blood. He proceeded to say that he can't stop and won't stop and told his opposition that he gets no props. He mentioned that his challenger stays cool like he's use to taking a beating and accused him of having a boy friend that plays ruff and wears stilettos and got real syllabic while describing it. In my opinion Bender won this round of the rapping fest.

In the second round of this cypher Aftershock told his opponent to watch his lip today and said that his telekinesis would have his pistol break. He said that he would put screw drivers to his oppositions to help fix it and said that it's clenched to his teeth if he runs his mouth. he said that his opponent has as much heat in the streets as when the sun goes down. He said that he's too strong while his adversary is Luke warm and said if rivals crew swarms then his crew gets torn. He said that he would use Bender's new born as a shoe horn and said for somebody to tell him that he ain't that strong. Aftershock said that he'll break his arms if he hates his songs and said that his aim is off. He started getting extra syllabic. He swore that his opponent wasn't built to rap and told him he better hope he gets visited by a higher power and said that he came with night vision. He said that he would strap his rival to a catapult and check his flight vision. He called his opponent trans gendered. He said he would leave blood running down his temple because he sacrificed a virgin. Bender started with a smirk on his face talking about Aftershock is fronting like he has a gutter side and he said that he seen his opponents gutter side. He said that his opponent be panhandling while drinking a jug of wine and said that he must blind and high. He tried to call his opposition a homo sexual in denial and accused him of living a double life. He said that he seen him at the club with a bunch of guys at the club doing the shuck jive and the bump and grind and a few other dances. He called made of his challengers girl as well and seemed to be saying that he wants to do her. Bender tried to imply that he would make Aftershock take home humble pie and said that he figured his rival would say something about this popular cartoon that comes on because he reminds him of one of the characters. He said that he would put his Cuban momma on her knees like who's your poppa and then kick her out the house and he tried to imply that she would call him later. He said that he'd take his challenger to the funeral parlor and called him self a beef cake like Bruce the Barber. Bender won this round of the tournament by a little bit more tougher punchlines I just felt like he penetrated the skin a little bit deeper.

Aftershock went right into this lyrical clash with out much hesitation and brought up the fact that his opponent brought up his momma. He said that if he blows his head off there is candy inside they'll call his opponent a Pinnate. He warned his adversary about mentioning hip hop in Toronto and started to say that his opponent blows Hindu. He accused his opponent of making music like K fed or Straight Edge and said that Bender looks unemployed. He accused his opponent of going to the strip club in the afternoon on a week day and told him that he isn't Big Pun. Aftershock said that his opponent is close to leaving the battle with a slashed throat and then got real syllabic saying a whole lot of things. He seemed to have ended his verse speaking French and put his middle finger up. Bender said that his opponent has people calling him up like lets do another song after one on one battles and says if they don't hate your guts after the match you are doing something wrong he claims. He called one of his rivals metaphors bisexual and said you couldn't find a more stupid premed on a medical campus. He called his challenger more of a Larry King than a Latin King. He said that he'd make his opponent hit the ground like a Jackson's original. He called his opponent a snake in the grass and said that he came here to smash him. Bender said he would take away his adversary's rent like the Patriot act. It sounded like he said watch when I get brain storming because it would cause a flood and called Aftershock a snitch. He said that he just kicks back and enjoys the settings and said Montreal should give his point a reference. He said that he would represent himself in court and that he doesn't need a lawyer. He said that he would beat his head like a drum machine. He compared himself to a Spanish Armada. This last round of the clash was a tie.

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