Wednesday, July 7, 2010

KOTD - HFK vs Sketch Menace

HFK called Sketch Menace a pedophile who is not a good looking guy and claims that hookers won't even give his adversary a chance. He even made a comment about farting in his opponents mothers face and on top of that the funny thing she supposedly likes it. He even mentioned john Cena. He said that he made fun of his rival in his face book status. He continue to talk crap about the guys mother and claimed that he did it with her. He ended his verse by comparing himself to Vince Mc Mahon. Sketch Menace said that did research on his adversary and came to the conclusion that HFK was fat and stupid. He made racist raps about his opponents Arabic heritage. He called this tournament his rivals resting place. He called his challengers battles boring. He seemed to have a hometown advantage. Sketch Menace won this round of the rapping battle.

In the second round of the battle HFK started his round of this rap battle calling his opponent Larry The Cable Guy and saying that his rhymes suck.. He focused on calling his adversary un creative and had to look up mother jokes online. He has quite an imagination. He tried to say that him an his home boy ran a train on rivals mother and ended up fisting her later. he ended this battle by rubbing all the racist comments that his opponent made in his face. Sketch Menace started this round off with a slick metaphor when he said that HFK reminds him of every bad guy from all the different video games that he has no one expected that. He also called his opponent fat and said that he'll never be the bigger man and told him that he can't fit his hand inside a Pringles can. He told his adversary to show him some respect. He said that he's in hot pursuit of the of a title shot. He also said his challenger got all his rhymes from DR Seus. Sketch Menace's last punchline about writers block was thorough. This rapping battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher HFK started off taunting his opponents rhyme style. He called Sketch Menace Hillary Duff and tried to say that his mustache was weak. He said a few racist things as well referring to Mexicans and Jewish people. He tried to say that the host Organic always tells his adversary to keep quiet and called a Homo indirectly. He also tried to call his opponent a biter. His imitation of his adversary was straight. His last statement a bit clever. Sketch Menace started off talking about HFK's head size and tried to say that his he was irrelevantly imitating other rappers. He claims that his challenger bombs a lot of battles that he has been featured in. He tried to say that he would annihilate his adversary and that was his closing remark. The last round of this rapping battle was a tie.

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