Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: KO vs Eskwyre (GTN DMV Tryout Battle)

>KO started the battle first calling Eskwyre fake and a homo thief. He also said that his opponent ain't Eminem, Dizaster, illmaculate, or Iron Solomon almost as if he's trying to call him a wannabe. He said that he 's allergic to fakes and that he's sick of white boys who try to act black and said somebody get him a Snickers. He called his opposition a snitch then asked who put his finger tips on the pictures and said that he's sick with the flow. KO then said he is a jiggle-low and that he would put it to his adversary's hoe and that she keeps coming back for more. He said that he is nasty with it splashy with it and said his opponent need some lotion you flow ashy with it. He called the mans jeans ashy fitted and said that his jeans are so small they have a one testicle limit. He said that his rival had to get a vasectomy just to wear the outfit. Eskwyre went in and said he would turn the cypher into a knockout exhibition and said that KO can't handle Pro Tools. He said that he scribbles with his gun and he'd shoot his kids moms and dads. He said that he's so strapped with macs that you know he's selling Ipads and said he would put wholes in him like the numbers 4, 5, 9, and 2, 2,. He said he'd put so many numbers on his chest that his challenger would look like some Japanese character. He said that his opposition has an imaginary record career. Eskwyre said that if he doesn't come at him with a gun or a knife he'll put a hit on him and that'll be the only contract he ever gets in his life and he told him to take a good look so he can see just what a star is. Eskwyre won this round of the battle.

In the second round of this cypher KO said that his opponent is talking about how he's letting all of these guns off but he's sweating and nervous, smelling like wet dog. He said that he'd put him on his knees like kids that be acting up in the mall and drag him through the store. He tried to imply that his opposition is a homo sexual and that he hops on cocks. He called himself TNT and called his adversary a fire cracker. He said that he brings the drama so you better bring you armor or bring a black dress for his mother. KO said that he has a musical group and his four five and is in a singing line and it likes to spit. He said Eskwyre's girl has a crush on his penis and she sucks it like a drink. He proceeded to elaborated on how he gets head from her he said he knocks her head on the back board and she be like stop it. He said that he's fly as a pilot. The last statement that he made was that he was the hottest but no he's not Gothic. Eskwyre went in and started rapping and said so you talk about running the hip hop game like you really do it yo but he asked him why he's on Facebook asking for 650 dollars for his home studio. He said that KO is selling his PS3 and controller because he has no money. He said the only thing that his adversary is not making money off of is people playing his tracks on the radio. He asked his challenger how he's gonna support himself. Eskwyre said it's ironic that he reps Virginia but his rival only has common wealth. He said that your a no invitation don't even try guy and said that he rocks Cashmere and Argyle while his opposition got his clothes from K Marts discount aisle. He said that his welfare wealth look is the fake. He said it makes him wanna hang his head and cry because his taxes are paying for his adversary. Eskwyre won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the match up KO said that he has a hit list and his opponent is on the list and told a story about how he looked him up and couldn't find him then called him a John Doe. He said that he'll hit a nigga with a combo and said that he would beat his mother from the back like a Congo but I think he meant bongo. He said he ain't got to make it rain no poncho. He said that he is too proper and his rival is Luke warm but he's too hotter. He said come around this place we from DC you'll get your ass stomped like that lion on the Lion King. KO said that he'd hit Eskwyre with a chopper and make him do a dance. He equated his adversary's flow to Boo Boo and said he doesn't even know why they brought him here and he doesn't know about the rhymes that he thought he hears. He said niggas all up in his face talking about the Myspace. He said he'll hit the dude with a forty five and make his side break. He compared his opponents legs to a vibrator at the end. When Eskwyre spit his verse he said that his rival is acting hard like he's a cat that he wouldn't wanna meet but if he seen him on the street he wouldn't cross the street and said that his heart wouldn't skip a beat. He countered KO pretty thoroughly and said that he's hardcore like the center of an apple. He said that battling his opposition wasn't even a challenge. He equated his adversary to premature ejaculation and said that he apparently couldn't even come correct. Eskwyre said he always rolls deep with a bunch of white men behind him and called them a snow man army but said he couldn't melt him and his home boys because it's been three rounds butt he still ain't spit no heat. Eskwyre won this round of the rap cypher.

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