Thursday, July 29, 2010


MC.KIMS started the rap battle trying to call LIL TAE a coward then compared himself and his opponent to NBA basket ball players, he called himself Kobe. He gave a shout out to brick layers and made it apparent that he is using written rhymes. He had a lot to say about his gun shells. He claimed to be to strong and said that when he claps hiss oppositions crew would be gone and accused him of trying to buy crack with a coupon. He made it clear that he was in this for the money and said he would let him fell some jaw breakers. My favorite punchline that he said was that wouldn't put his fists in the air if he was a Black Panther. LIL TAE claimed that MC.KIMS was calling him out for three months straight and called him an African that looks like an immigrant. You could tell he was clearly freestyle rapping he said he would nut in his challengers chicks nose and bust inside her ligaments. He said that the female emcee from Baltimore Keys reminds him of his house keys. He said he would his gun would make his adversary move like a belly dancer. He tried to say that his opposition tried to grow some fake ass dredlocks and the crowd went wild. He said he would go to the heat like Labron. In my opinion LIL TAE won this round of the cypher based on delivery.

In the second round of this rhyme battle MC.KIMS claimed to spit crack every time he raps and called himself the rock that the crowd fiends for. He said when he would leave LIL TAE with more holes than a screen door and said he wouldn't spark a gun online playing Call of Duty. He said that his opponent tried to instant message him. He had a dead metaphor or two with little to no crowd reaction. He said he would get rid of his adversary's crew with his Baltimore Bullets. He ended by saying he'd knock his opponent down like Aliyahs plane. LIL TAE started by saying he should drop MC.KIMS like the wrestler Brock. He talked about beating his challengers ass and tried to imitate his rap flow. He didn't quite have the most accurate impression of his adversary but he got the point across. He tried to say that his adversary sounded retarded and has a curfew on the weekends. He then proceed to make fun of his opponent clothes, that dude a clown and he had to ad a quick comment rivals girl. He was saying anything after awhile and started not to make sense and rhymes started to get more generic.In my opinion MC.KIMS won this round of the rap battle based on consistency.

In the third round of this rap cypher MC.KIMS seemed to be implying that he has been the best and said that he's surprised LIL TAE didn't surrender yet. He had another quotable punchline referring to kids that got suspended from school and he compared his flow to VA. He tried to incorporate freestyle into his verse when he made fun of his oppositions sneakers. I found my self laughing when he said he'd have little nigga's run up on his opponent like he was the ice cream man, he was going in. He mentioned LL Cool J at the end and it was a straight metaphor. LIL TAE went in next and seemed to be trying to make an insult on MC.KIMS trying to dis him and say he likes white girls, which probably would have been an insult back in the day but in the 20th century that's like your paying homage and basically calling him a pimp depending on how good the white chicks look. He called himself big daddy and claimed to drive Big Cadillacs. This guy was funny as hell and he was trying to freestyle but he wasn't making sense a lot of times. He said he would beat his challengers ass like there is nothing to it and claimed to have sodomized his mother. This Baltimore emcees is goofy but he was taking it beyond hip hop and it just really be came him making weird ass reamrks and rhyming them.

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