Monday, July 26, 2010


YLE went first in this rap battle claiming that CHEMICAL ALI does a bunch of yelling and said that he feels like he's his pops then asked him who he's getting loud with. He told him he would hit him with the left or the right and that it was his choice and told his opponent that his bars were weak so he need to lower his voice because all of his screaming is just noise. He seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap verse and said that his adversary was probably trying to be him. He seemed to be almost repeating himself and didn't have anything remembered for this match. He said that the night was gonna be long and wished CHEMICAL ALI a good night. He said his rap name YLE again for the second time as if nobody heard it the beginning when he mentioned it and said that he's a rider compared his heat to lava. He compared himself to a construction worker and told him to freeze because he doesn't wanna scrap with him. He compared his fists to black eyed peas and said that his equated his flow to a Snickers bar. He comapred himself to Ne-yo but says that he doesn't do love songs and told him he could ask his people. He said that he's that nigga and told his opposition that he doesn't really want it. The last thing he said was I'm that nigga you don't really want it then said give it to him. CHEMICAL ALI went in as soon as YLE passed him the torch he said that he's the type to murder your son and he said that his challengers name stands for You lost To every one. He said he would turn into Ivan ooze and said he would insert a broken test tube into his adversary's mother. He asked him why he'd take this this battle since he doesn't have it all up stairs and claimed to be imbalanced chemically. He said that he would hit his oppositions mother in the back of the head with a hammer and have sex with her whether she's alive or not. He said that after he kills him that CSI would call it a messed up way to go out and told him to give head to knife after this cypher was over. It sounded like he called YLE a Ferry king that will swallow all of DNA's dairy cream. He said that he'd put red dots on his rivals crew and called himself war machine. He said that his opponent is lucky he could breathe or get comfortable and he said it was warfare. CHEMICAL ALI said he would hand a blade to RED FRECK and have him stab freckles into his challengers flesh and he said if that doesn't work he's stick ASHWIN and Yesh on him. He said that his adversary says he got body bags and said that he had an erection in her. He said that it was time to get crucified because he'll hit him with a scissor kick that'll make his body rip and said he would put him in an arm bar and break his ligaments. He claimed that his opposition just entered his experiment and he is a liar. He said something about making his rivals face dis appear like a C4 battle.In my opinion CHEMICAL ALI won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of this tournament YLE started it off by saying his opposition was sweet like Mrs Butter worth then he said he was gonna send him to the most high not shutters worth. He reminded the crowd his name again and said he's getting more doe. He said that he has got the gun so his adversary should bounce like a pogo. He said people say that he's crazy but he don't know and when he snaps he takes shots like a photo. He told him not to dance when he tells you to go go and said that his opponent associates with police. He said that one slow poke would make his opposition evolve into a slow bro. YLE said that he is Peyton Manning and his CHEMICAL ALI was more like Tony Romo. He said the only time his rival is hard is around his nigga's and tried to call him a homo for that. He said that he's getting money so while his oppositions bread is solo he claimed to be living fabolous and said that he's not loso. He said that he has his rivals chick on a string like a Yo-Yo and he said he is a chocolate nigga and she blows him like Hot Cocoa. He said that he is so sick and his opponent ain't even so so. He said that he got his rival shook like a snow globe and said that he ain't mad but to quit with all the hate. He said sleeping on him would get his adversary a wake and a close casket because bodies in a lake floating down the stream. CHEMICAL ALI started by saying he'd spit on the mom of YLE and beat up his dad which I think was an extremely funny way to start off his verse. He called his opponents little nigga's and told them not to make him mad because he'd do what his father never did and beat that ass. he said something about assault rifle than said when he hits the ground he's Rambo knife him. He said that he'd hit his opponent with jabs and stabs give him a Boston crab. He said he humping the mouth of his opponents mother and said that she takes care of him after. CHEMICAL ALI even claimed that YLE's mother gave him head while he was saying grace. He said that Dutch Vega told him to body his opposition so he said he was a raging bull like Jacob Lamotta. He said that he has an upper cut that would send his rival to the helicopters and when he comes back down he'd get bitch smacked by Sara Kana then land in a pile of feces and dirty condoms. He said nigga you should be scared of me because he's driving a jeep with a Tomahawk he said he was riding Cherokee. He said after he disturbs his opponents peace he's releasing his therapy. CHEMICAL ALI cleared up why he raps so loud and talked about YLE choking in all three rounds. He claimed to be confused about how his adversary lost to nigga that loses. It seemed like he was trying to call his opponents girl dis obedient or incompetent one or the other for messing up the footage on his last one on one battle and said that he gives her pleasure while comparing himself to Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. He called himself Moseley and said his opponent May weather. He said that when he puts on the rings he's captain planet but he's not trying to save your earth. CHEMICAL ALI won this round of the rap clash.

YLE started his verse off asking thae people if they think he's Floyd because it's gonna be like round two in that fight all night long and after the clash and called him a bitch then said he was gonna fight him. He said that he doesn't care about his people and said he has the Juice with him no beetle. He said look he's about to hit CHEMICAL ALI up. He said I don't care about your people and it seemed like he started to run out of things to say then the crowd started to get loud and seemed to mess him up. YLE then said he was gonna get on his Lethal mode. He said his opposition was making his hurt and he would put him to sleep. He repeated the fact that he doesn't care about his rivals crew and said that they are gonna have to play rock, paper, scissors to see who's gonna be lose there life first. He said that he has so much hate for CHEMICAL ALI and said that he feels like uncle Ruckus he had to get rid of this nigga. He claimed to be a Young Buck with Banks and said he has the Fifth with him. YLE claimed to be cooking his adversary up and then said rotisserie. He claimed to be that nigga and doesn't care if you aren't feeling him. He said that he's The Fresh Prince and called his opponent Hilary. He seemed to be freestyle rapping and said that his name is Chemical so I'll bet he breaks down especially when he runs up on him like Red Cafe screaming Shake Down. He said that he was getting mad and said that he thinks that his opponent did it and he hopes that he gets a quited because he's a bad boy. CHEMICAL ALI jumped right in the cypher after and said that if YLE was feeling hardcore he'd slam him through a hard floor. He said there is no code name for calling his challengers mother a whore because she'd screw anybody even the kid next store and said if this nigga wants war then go get your men. He said that if you press his buttons he'd turn into more monsters than Ben ten. He said he'd insert a broom into his opponents sister and wear Dr Doom outfit while having sex with his girl. He told his opposition that this is when animals attack so if your a scared little cat then run your ass to the Panic room. CHEMICAL ALI said I heard that your DNA's man and said I didn't know a Newborn could have a little nigga. He said that he YLE is a concrete animal and called him self a silver back gorilla that pile drive his sister than slap his mother for not making him what he wants for dinner. He said that he would never lose to a man that sucks and said he would throw hot coffee in his face because he lost to Starbucks. He said he would throw him to another galaxy and hopes that his opponent gets hurt by the stars. He said if his adversary wants to fight he would get hit with something because how would he look like shooting a fade and said that he'd hit YLE with anything a spatula oranges than spray his eyes with a can of raid. He said his nigga's roll with there banger to the left like they are trying to rock there wave. CHEMICAL ALI won this rap clash without a doubt.

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