Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Da Kid (Arrogant Music) Vs. Kese w/Rocharder DJs

Da Kid started off the rapping battle making height jokes about Kese. He called his opponent a liar and compared the boys mustache to Richard Prior's. The first thing Kese asked was that's all he had. He started off rapping with a crazy nice flow. He compared his challenger to Brian McNight. This round was hard to judge because they both didn't say enough so I would have to round of the cypher was a tie.

Da Kid started off the rhyme battle saying that he doesn't wanna fight but tried to call Kese sweet. The last thing he said was that his opponent wasn't Gangsta. When Kese spit his people were hyping him up too much an I couldn't really hear what he was saying when he was rapping until the part when he called his challenger wack and when he spit off the top of the dome. Da Kid won this round in my opinion.

Kese started round three of this MC Battle. Kese hardly heard what he said apparently he told told Da Kid that he was wack. Da Kid told Kese that he's shaped like a penis. Da Kid also called Kese a gay fruit cake and said that every time he looks at him Kese licked his lips at him. This round of the battle was a tie in my opinion.

Kese started this round of the cypher. The only thing I heard him say was that he signed auto graphs an drove there in an S Class. Da Kid started off calling himself a shark calling Kese a bitch. In my opinion Da Kid won this round of the tournament. Save Money on Autos!

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