Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Illusion Z vs Tricky P

Tricky P started the rap battle confidently claiming to have an evil twin and apparently he was talking about Illusion Z. He had a goofy rap style and started out real slow and stern then tried to rap faster and more syllabic. He had no problem calling his opponent a cheap mexican knock off that sounds whiter than him and he then began trying to speak with a south of the border accent. This rapper also said bragged about how he was this that and the third. Tricky P was a loose canon and accused some female of wanting to touch his chest. His last statement was that public humiliation is exhilarating. Illusion Z was up next. He claimed to know what the crowd was thinking and which rapper is gonna choke first and follow trend and used a lot of expressions when he started and wasted no time taunting his adversary in this battle. He said that his opposition will start to flare his nostrils after he beats Tricky P. This lyricist said that everybody there expects him to dominate his opponent. He called his challenger a freckly freak with orange hair and said he wasn't a doper rhymer. Illusion Z called him Richy Cunningham which I would say was pretty funny and his last statement was based on the personals that his opponent used. This round of the cypher was a tie they both had a great performance.

In the second round of this rhyme battle Tricky P went in and said he wasn't sure if his adversary is casting black magic or if Antonio Banderas is giving him dance classes. He continued to rap with a syllabic delivery. He even said that he would be chilling with his girl later on. He mentioned Illusion Z having a battle against Cruger and said that respect is meant to be earned. He said that his opposition is lucky that they let him return. Tricky P said that he got haters from forgetting his words while his opponent got haters from remembering his. He said that his challenger can dis the way that he looks and call him the drunken type and said he only choked once or twice. He said that his rival choked more than once and he sucks at life and said that when he mess up he is like Justin Beaver having a seizure. Illusion Z said that any cunt that said Tricky P would win the cypher was a junky from his disgusting country He said that his challenger sounds like piglet speaking through Christopher Robins. He compared his Canadian rival to a penalty shot. This round was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of this cypher Tricky P spit with a different flow and nothing but confidence. He called Illusion Z a timid little kid and said that for years he had to listen to him. His looked super funny when he was spitting his raps and he seems to make excuses about why he doesn't win according to this man. He said that his adversary asks for sympathy when but his pain is self inflicted and asked him who he was trying to be the the Mexican Mel Gibson. Tricky P said that with a little hope America can get as Canada. His ending was colorful and smooth I liked it. Illusion Z then started rhyming next and said he only mentions relevant people when he raps and tried to accuse his rival of going into compulsive attacks. He said that his adversary only feels comfortable spitting under silver lights while skating with tights. He called Tricky P Vanilla Ice cross bread with Ginger Spice and called him a fagot M C. He compared himself to Barry Bonds and said that it's hard to make his challenger look real. He focused on the fact that his adversary had very little melanin in his skin and said that Tricky P just got sunned.

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