Saturday, July 3, 2010

Konflict vs Daine. Rap Battle

Konflict seemed to saying a freestyle rap totally spontaneous an straight up disrespectful. He wished mean things on his opponent and bragged about how good his fighting skills are. He compared his adversary to electronic clocks. He tried to called himself crazy and he compared him and his rival to Basketball players. He proceeded to improvise but he couldn't quite seem to cut it he had too long of a pause. He tried to compare his opponent to a Day 26 member. He finished off with a straight punchline. Daine finally went up to rap next and started out his round giving Artisan and Nov a shout outs. He called Konflict an average nigga and compared his adversary to being a math problem. He tried to call his challenger a weak rapper. In my opinion Daine won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of this cypher Konflict tried to bring it up a notch. He compared his opponent to an oil spill. He called his rival a pan handler. He called his adversary a fagot. Daine started his verse comparing himself to a drug. He made a racist punchline about his challenger eating dogs. He called Konflict homo. He also compared his opponents girl to the X Files. His last metaphor. Daine won this round of the rap cypher.


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