Friday, July 16, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Ness Lee vs Illmaculate

Ness Lee started this rapping battle he went in mentioning DirtBag Dan claiming that he got a little butt hurt and said he knows his history, he called him a punk nerd. After he was finished calling out rappers he then focused on his opponent Illmaculate and didn't hesitate to make height jokes. He called him a 2 foot geek then I got lost after that he was highly syllabic but his accent had a bit of a mumble. He talked junk about him having little ass shoes then he tried to call him a punk who got bullied and tried to accuse him of recording in a little booth. Ness Lee then went on to say. His The last thing he told his adversary to do was to leave before he sends him back to his respectful place on the side of T rex's face. Illmaculate then went in and started rapping and introduced his opponent. He called him foolish for answering the comments people leave him on Youtube and can't handle constructive criticism. He said that he debated on taking his challengers phone call and if he loses he would blame it on the crowd. He said that he should be battling people like Math Hoffa, Murda Mook, Serious Jones, Loaded Lux, Arsenal, or Iron solomon. He called Ness Lee bummy and scared and said that he will serve him leave his confidence smashed. He even brought up Hollow Da Don and told his opponent to keep on putting together all of his syllables uniquely. Illmaculate said that his opposition's insecurity is cut deep so he said that the wound is open. He made thorough statement about his adversary having to take his skill to another level that he ain't willing to to beat him. He said that he battled Soul Khan and Hollow Da Don the same day. His last punchline didn't rhyme then he called time. This round of the cypher was a tie.

Ness Lee went in and then started spitting his verse and the first thing he said was re-addressing the fact that he is from the south but he'd leave Illmaculate walking out and said he had sex with his opponents mother. He wanted to know why his opponent called him out if he's on such a low level. He slipped up when he started to ask him why he lost a battle to Soul Khan and Hollow da don the same day. He seem to have messed up then started rapping lyrical and sylabic. Ness Lee called his opponent a munch-kin midget. He even said he would leave him sitting like Russel Simmons. I liked the punchline he made about his adversary picking with people twice as tall as him and called him 3 and a half feet but tries to act street. He said that if Illmaculate had a nine in his pants he wouldn't be able to bend his knees. He all of a sudden started rapping like Grafh and spit about knocking his adversary out He had slipped up in the middle of his lines again I guess nobody caught it. He even tried to say that his opposition used to rock skinny leg jeans and that he use to talk more proper. He tried to say that his adversary has short arms and not just on his body. Illmaculate then went in and started to rhyme and pointed out why his challenger isn't better than him. He made the statement that you can tell the difference between his written down rhymes and freestyle raps. He said that he had sex with Ness Lee's girl and described it. He said that he took the guys girl out to dinner first and said that he uses his horrible un mixed vocals to torture T Pain with them. He said that he is using his adversary to get paid and equated himself to Dwayne Wayde. He said that his opposition seems brave and that it's unfortunate behavior. He had it down so tight that he called time for himself. Illmaculate won this round of the rap cypher because he stayed consistent no slip ups.

In the third round of this rhyme battle Ness Lee said that it was time to send his adversary and said that he stretches his punchlines for three bars. He called him self a rap general and referred to his opponent as being a rat. He asked his opponent on a refund for his mix tape. He messed up in the middle of spitting again then when he tried to rap this time he was calling Illmaculate the president of the worst division and a liar for saying most of the top tier of his jurisdiction of the Grind Time Rap Battle League was in jail. Ness Lee called him a corny rhyming nerd basically who thinks he is gangster and asked him what was up with his video. He said that his opposition was married to a midget but might hit it and called her really pale. He also said that he would punk his adversary and he wouldn't do nothing. He said he'd run up on his adversaries crew like what's good Goof troops and that he proved the white man can't jump or keep rhythm. He ended by saying that the ride is over. Illmaculate then went in and started rhyming and continued to make jokes about how Ness Lee freestyles. He said that he would destroy his challenger. He tried to say that his opponent didn't original verses and said that he is rapping against a bitch that was whining on the forums. He said as soon as he snaps he would slap him and told him to make a threat about it and called him a jealous clown. He called his adversary a no name. Illmaculate also tried to say that his rival is regional and make unbelievable stories. He called Ness Lee a dead beat that doesn't know what street credit means then equated him self to a PlayStation 3. He said that if his challenger tries to rush him he'd slice him with a rusty knife and accused him of begging producers for beats. He tried to say that his oppositions last mix tape was for Haiti relieves and made fun of his custom fitted hat. He tried to say that his rival wanted to see how much change he could fit in his hat and said he got head and chauffeured at the same time. Illmaculate won this round of the rap battle with no slip ups he stayed consistent.

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