Friday, July 23, 2010

KOTD - Chuggo vs OZ

Chuggo started the first round battle talking about all the rap cyphers that OZ was in and tried to call them corny and said during one of them it was such a joke you could see him in the background going for a smoke. He called his opponent a bearded lady that loses to kids in tournaments. He put OZ's hometown on blast because apparently he claims to be from Toronto. Chuggo said that his rival is far from from BuckShot and his label is far from Duck down then called him a punk clown. He called his adversary a bearded lady again and said his mothers pussy looks like folded Bologna. Chuggo made it clear that the cypher wasn't going to be an O.T. because he knows how to chop up his opposition. OZ went up to rap next and told the crowd to ignore the fact that Chuggo he's not from Toronto. He awkwardly called his challenger a bitch and implied that he was born in York finch and he said that they are both from the same place but he moved because he smokes too much and plays gta 4. He accused his adversary of moving to Montreal to do porn and said he can't believe that he's still rapping because he use to be a corny spitter with an attitude. OZ accused his opponent of growing up to be a bad rapper who never had a clue and said that if he was his father he would've broke his hand smacking his opposition. He said that his challenger doesn't have a gun or a crew. He messed up after that and I wasn't sure if he was freestyle spitting or kicking a written. He tried to imply that OZ is a rat. but he was saying anything so Chuggo won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of this cypher Chuggo said that he likes to get drunk because he can't enjoy OZ's mother while he's sober and compared her ass hole to a coiled cobra. He even called his oppositions sister a slut while equating her to Toyota and told the crowd to watch how his face looks while making him regret that he ever signed up for Facebook. He said that his adversary's sisters name was Allison. It sounded like he was trying to imply that his rivals mother let people fist her and called him Peter and tried to say that she was in a porn movie. Chuggo told everyone his opponents last name and tried to imply that it sounded like the name of a medication company. He gave an example of what the commercial for the medication. OZ went in to spit his verse next and said his opposition called out Hollohan in a battle. He claimed somebody named Vinny would kick his challenger skinny ass then he changed up and called him fat. He claimed to never know his rival ever existed and he said he called out the leaders and the judges of the Grand Prix and said that he must've been smoking some bad weed. He called his Chuggo life a bad dream and called him a perfect mixture between in bread and incest. OZ also tried to say that his opponent practices bestiality and tried to call him a crazy drug addict. He said that his challenger sucks at life like Shack at free throws and said that he's a lumber jack that chops trees. He asked his opposition if he seen the size of his sack. He ended by saying that he had mass appeal then he fell off and started saying anything. In my opinion Chuggo won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the cypher Chuggo claimed to have been locked up with OZ and that's supposedly how they met. He implied that his adversary got raped in jail and started to enjoy it after awhile. He said that his opposition use to coward in his cell and eat his own tooth paste then he said when the guards come around they used his ass as a suit case. He thought that his opposition was a snitch and said he probably has crime stoppers on speed dial. Chuggo accused his opponent of having a swollen raped buttocks and compared his name to that HBO series. OZ started off by saying he thinks that someone want to put him on pay per view I think there was too many people in the background talking. and he said when he wins the battle Loe Pesci can pay him. He said that his opponents a chubby dude and asked him why is it hard to pay for food. He said that his challenger quit even looking for a job and compared him to a corn on the cob and called him a cracker. He then started to say anything he was most likely improvising then he said he would sleep with all the woman in his oppositions family. OZ ran out of things to say to and made it clear that he was choking. Chuggo won this round of the rap battle.

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