Friday, July 16, 2010

Conceited vs Dutch Schultz Lionz Den

Conceited started the rap battle saying before he even starts talking he'll be raising a hammer and said Dutch Schultz will get his mug shot like he got placed in a slammer. He said that he spreads toast without making a sandwich and spit about how he pushes and said that his opponent ain't never even sold bud. He said that the eagle holds clips like barbershop so if he keeps talking he'll start smoking like a coffee pot, he even said that when he shoots it's have his back out like a halter top. He threatened to kill Dutch Schultz and everybody on the spot and next he used a metaphor that could've meant two things at once when he referred to touching the 9 and hitting 11. Conceited didn't hesitate to get back on the subject of shooting guns and called himself a straight heat peeler. He said that he's got and automatic semi that has not much to do with cars and said that he doesn't fight because he carries guns. The rapper compared his guns to popcorn and bragged about his ear rings shining while comparing Dutch Schultz to Mike Myers. He said the only thing his adversary is using his pump on is a bike tire and equated him to a sky diver. Conceited said that he was strapped up like a nice driver while Murda Mook was in the back round chuckling. He compared his opposition to a type writer and said that he doesn't like liars. He said that he couldn't even shoot and flash for a picture. He said that when he puts the forty to his rivals mouth he isn't talking about Malt liquor. Dutch Schultz talked about his fiends like they are alphabets. He equated himself to Pat Riley and his guns to a driver seat. He said that he gets dirtier than trailer trash and called his opponent a bitch. Conceited called his opposition frail as glass and his rhymes are clearly ass. He tried to imply that his adversary gets played by record labels and called him a skate boarder. He said that he doesn't miss nothing when his iron pops and said that his guns are like a traffic signal be cause the red light is on top. He tried to say that his rival doesn't have guns and compared him to a new message. He said that his gun is rapid and it got more scope than biology classes and said he'll give him a shot like he's feeling sick. Conceited's last statement was about the many classes of cars that he has. Dutch Schultz started his verse saying that some nigga's gonna really have go in on his challenger or he might just sick a few cave men on him. He spit that he'd beat him until his ribs cave in on him and compared himself to R Kelly because he would release his bowels on him and kick dirt on him with a tough in your face rap delivery. He told Conceited that nobody forced him he did it to his self and told him to take an ice pick and stick it in him self. Dutch Schultz told him to call for help but nobodies gonna stop him. He said that he is so hot that he got beef with the fire department. He equated himself to Johnson and Johnson and was talking junk about his girl. He asked his opponent what he knew about blowing weed straight out the garden and made fun of him for supposedly smoking dirt that grows in an apartment. He said that he has been hungry before DMX started barking. He said that he used to be a little dirty nigga until he got some jewelry and called himself a certified heathen. Dutch Schultz proceeded to flow about his ice. He openly invited people to take his life but he said they gonna take some shots to come with it. He had hard metaphors in this round of the cypher but I'm leaning towards Conceited won this round of the rapping battle.

Conceited started the next round he got syllabic and mentioned sparking his guns some more. He said that he'd make his adversary's dogs go to heaven and basically described a funeral. He told his opponent that he ain't got to be Jewish to get candles lit for him and proceeded to describe putting bullets in his rival. He said he would leave Dutch Schultz sings about rolling down a river and equated his bullets to batteries. He showed off his lyrical skills in this round part of the round and compared his oppositions ribs to food on the Apple Bees menu. Conceited said the beam on his gun would make his adversary face turn red like allergies and said he would put caps in his mouth like cavities. He said he would bring his rival downlike gravity I didn't think that punchline was all that good but whatever the crowd liked it. He called his his adversary big and soft like Gerald Levert. He made a comment about Dutch Schultz sense. He said that he's gonna throw him in the ocean and he didn't know that he likes to scuba dive. Conceited equated his opposition to school supplies. He said it's not hard to figure out what coupe he drives because he has 16 different classes like junior high. He complimented himself and said he'll give him bags just like Holloween. He compared the product that he sells to sour cream. He said that he would make his adversary run like a track meet and said his bullets will have him in a different world like Dwane. He said that he'd leave him hooked into a machine that makes the same sound as the road runner. Dutch Schultz said he's gonna teach Conceited not to mess with a menace and he said that he was gonna end him and turn his brains into baby food. He equated himself to Denzel Washington a man on fire. He said that they could fight right now and rap meant nothing. He compared leaving his adversary flat to a white girls butt and said that he's about his cash and about his money. He called his hat a crown and called his opponents rhymes candy sweet. Dutch Schultz said that he could hit someone so hard he'll give they momma scars and said he would have with Conceited's girl. He said that his oppositions girl will call him donkey Osama bin Laden because his dicks the bomb and spit about getting head the guys mother. He then said something about running spots while locked in jail and having copper shells. He then had a verse about being in jail and talked about moving a brick on the scale. He bragged about growing up in the South Bronx and pointed in his rivals face while calling himself off the chain. The last thing he said to his oppositions was to blow him. This round of the battle was a tie.

In the third round of the cypher the first thing Conceited said was that his adversary ain't never had guns and said he'gonna kill the square and make sure he's never around. He equated his rival smoking weed and warned him about what he would make happen to him. He told him to stop telling lies about guns firing and said that his clothes are wrinkled so he knows that he ain't got iron. He said that he's strapped like he's rock climbing and said that his guns got more lights than a carnival. Conceited said the that the only time Dutch Schultz should speak into the microphone is when he orders food. He said that his gun shakes his hand like a partnership and said that when he sparks the gun that his rivals squad run. He said that his adversary only gets scratch off playing lotto tickets and said he would put spots on his clothes that you can't take out with laundry detergent. He called every last one of his opponents crew fake. Conceited said that his burner could make Dutch Schultz turn stiff like seeing Medusa. He made computer references to his oppositions rhymes. He equated his fiends to the Negro League and said that the only thing his opponent is getting a toaster for is ham and cheese. In this third round of the cypher. He brought up the fact that he had his blood set with him to fight and said he'd twist his hand around and slap flames out of his opposition. He called himself a beast in the streets and said that he'd eat his whole face like Hannibal. Dutch Schultz said that he's about big whips and told Conceited that he's not riding in a six. He said that he can show him how to stunt and stack figures. He said without modesty that he be on the block pumping packs and said that his opponent gets laughed at. He says that he jacks the dudes that his adversary works for then sales they stuff right back to them. He made it clear that he's a Bronx gorilla out of the zoo and he chills with Harlem dudes. Dutch Schultz said that he has Brooklyn home boys too that'll rob his challenger and pop him. He said that he is a bad boy but he doesn't run with diddy and said that he makes a hundred and fifty ounces disappear quickly and described how he sells in somewhat of a poetic fashion. He told his adversary to stand up, man up, and grow some balls and basically said that he doesn't ride dick. He said that his bloods be ready to get it scrapping. In my opinion Conceited won this round of the rap battle based on punchlines because that's what rhyming is about but he didn't destroy him Dutch Schultz is thorough.

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