Friday, July 30, 2010

REAL TALK 5 - DW vs Fluence

Fluence started round one of the one on one battle telling DW to eat a dick. He called him a shop-a-holic mall rat which I'm not sure is such a bad thing ut apparently that he was trying to imply so. His style was to be a joker ass hole type and said tried to imply that he should change his name. This MC also tried to say that his adversary can't handle smoking weed and is a cyber sex addict. He accused Fluence of being a sissy fag and told his opposition that it was time to retire from rapping and got real syllabic when he referred to breaking his opponent in four. DW went next in this rhyme battle and seemed to be trying to spit with lots of syllables as well. He accused his opposition of flowing like an actress because he uses props. He called his adversary a hypochondriac because he thinks he's dope which doesn't at all seem to be true in his book and accused his opponent of only taking rounds when he's buying drinks. He was thorough at puting rhymes together and his February 29 punchline was ill. His last metaphor implied that his adversary would never beat him. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round when Fluence started to spit DW's match up history and said that when he's finished people will spit in his face for being a fake. He claimed that his adversary hangs out at night club and swings around belt buckles and accused him of going to a private school where people never heard of Pharoahe monch but thought Vanilla Ice was kind of cool. He even told a syllabic rap tale about his opposition and about his mother and claims that her life was ruined when she gave birth to him. Towards the end of his verse Fluence seemed to be kicking a written verse with lots of syllables. DW went next accusing his opponent of choking in his third round and said he seen him on the internet acting like an internet thug who made foolish poses. The man got real lyrical and called him self an demon would leave him bleeding. He broke down each letter of Fluences name and made different words with them and then broke down his own name as well and seemed to be confident that he would win. This round of the tournament was a tie.

In the third and last round of the the rhyme cycle Fluence started it out talking crap about DW's sick as a flu reference and it sounded like he compared him to aids infested acrobat and seemed to have compared to a girl he did once. He was a real joker with a funny sense of humor and he spent a lot his verse describing the way his adversary's raps. I enjoyed his punchline about underground hip hop fitting under an umbrella. His last move during the cypher was to pull out a stage pro which was a T-Shirt that said called his opponent a fagot. DW went into flow next and said that he was about to go wild and prove that he can beat Fluence without having to sacrifice his own style. He said that an MC's ability is not to create images lyrically and not literally. He maintained his syllabic in his his bars and tried to imply that Fluence can't see him and he did have as much of a performance as Fluence and lacked charisma. Fluence won this round of the emcee clash.

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