Friday, July 30, 2010

REAL TALK 5 - Aikers vs Mr.Virus

Mr.Virus started the cypher off the chain like a mad man and claimed that he forgot all of his written rhymes and kicked a freestyle instead. He said that he was gonna tell his opponent how he seriously feels about him. He seemed to have a story to tell about the morning of this cypher. He had a lot of aggression and threatened to smash his oppositions face until it's black and blue. He ended by saying that he has a high society style then said he would cut his rival down to size like stir. Aikers started saying his lines sounding like an English man and said that the crowd probably expected him to spit Asian jokes. He spit about the taboo of how all oriental people eat strange animals and tried to call them great cooks. He claimed to be a big believer in peace. He said that it was time for Aussies and Asians to put there issues aside. He said that they both could agree that Americans are mostly dummies. Aikerssaid in a sarcastic fashion that he liked his challengers eyelids because he enjoys getting high. He was pretty much a smooth ass hole and ended saying Peace Asia. In my opinion this round of the clash was a tie.

In the second round of the MC cypher Mr.Virus went in and showed off his true sickness. He said he found it hard to record the eight pages that he wrote and threw his pad in the air. He said for someone his adversary's size it must not be easy to get a date and claimed that his sex life sucked. He said the first time he met his opposition he thought the guy was sick and said that the man was screaming for medical help the first time he met him. Aikers then went in the talking how he like Asians but hates Philippians. He seemed to be making sexist remarks about conspiracies. He continued in this round just being an ass hole with the rhymes. It sounded like he was calling Mr.Virus a sexual deviate and accused him of sleeping with tramps. He tried to say that his challenger bites off of corny rappers. He called his opponents crew a bunch of fagots that wave machete's and axes. This round of the one on one battle was a tie as well in my opinion

In the third round of the MC tournament Mr.Virus started out strong and claimed to have slept on Aikers couch. He called dapper freestyle emcee and said something about Big L that was hard for me to quite zero in on and understand. He proceeded to mix a little horror-core in his rhymes and said that he would hit Aikers with a hammer sledge. He spit a real self glorifying verse calling himself the greatest and stuff. He seemed to have ran out of things to say and just started cursing his his opponent out. Aikers started this round spitting his verse saying Real Talk and accused his opposition of thinking he was west coast connected. He seemed to have gave Mr.Virus an alternative to fight or not. He tried to call the guy a nervous nerd that couldn't finish sentences and said he rocks the crowd and gives high fives to people who dont deserve it while he's the life of the party. He ended by talking junk about his opponents accent. In my opinion Aikers won this round of the rhyme battle.

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