Friday, July 9, 2010

Tantrum vs. Kodiak - Freestyle Battle - Tourettes Without Regrets - June 2010

Tantrum started the first round of the rapping battle with a syllabic flow. The first thing he said was that his father failed him and I was truely digging his rhyme style and the way he stayed on the beat. He claimed to be getting revenge for his dad in this lyrical matchup. He tried to attack his opponent by rapping about the guys weight and telling the guy that he would die obesity and aids. The last thing he said was that he was ripping a queer. Kodiak had funny punchlines in this first round of the cypher but his flow was a bit sloppy in the beginning but he called Tantrum a malnourished ninja and a mini weight. He then flopped so I guess he couldn't keep up with the beat boxer so his challenger took over. Tantrum won this round of the M C battle.

Tantrum went right in started spitting and went right in during this second part of the rhyme battle. The most quotable punchline was when he referred to taking the Art Of war and making it a religion. He continue to call his rival fat and tried to make fun of him for masturbating and ended by threatening to beat him with a saxophone. Kodiak was flowing a little better in this round but during his first verse didn't make sense. He said that the only thing his that his opponent could use was the fact that he was fat. In my opinion Tantrum won this round of the M C battle.

In this third round where the two lyricist's went 4 bars at a time both of these rappers went back an fourth. Tantrum starte this round off taunting Kodiak about the way that he raps. Kodiak defended himself by comparing Tantrum's head to his testacle and said that he would show the challengers mother his bare nuts. Tantrum won this round of the cypher.

In this fourth round of the M C battle Tantrum told Kodiak that he needs to either lighten up on what he eats or to go get a breast reduction. Kodiak tried to go in during this round but he didn't seem to have anything interesting to say and he just messed up at the end. Tantrum won this round of the rhyming battle

In the fifth round of this rap battle Tantrum started off making another fat people rap joke and told him not to talk about noodles. He finished off with punchline that I didn't really understand. Kodiak continued to spit anything while he was flowing he was very sloppy I didn't understand what he was saying and the beat boxer had to low down. Tantrum won this round of the tournament as well in my opinion.

In the sixth round of this rhyme battle Tantrum started off by shedding light on the fact that beat slowed just because his opponent couldn't keep up with it and called him over weight some more. Kodiak tried to say that his adversary wasn't hungry when it was his turn to spit next. Tantrum won this round of the battle a well.

In the seventh round of Tantrum accused Kodiak of coming to the cypher to look for barbecue and told him to go to the back. Kodiak took a minute to jump in and start flowing I guess he had trouble thinking of lyrics. Tantrum won this round rap tournament.

In the eight round Tantrum made fun of Kodiak's jeans and compared them to his rap skills. Kodiak tried to twist it and make skinny jokes about his adversary but he was corny so I give that round of this cypher to Tantrum.

In the ninth round of this freeestyle battle He compared Tantrum's body to a recking ball and a boulder from Indiana Jones. Kodiak had garbage raps they were racist and didn't rhyme. Tantrum won this round of the rap battle as well.

In the tenth round of this matchup Tantrum called Kodiak a corny M C and said if Kodiak lost 100 pounds he would still be fat. Tantrum said that when he wins the battle that he would use his prize money to buy his rival plastic surgery. Kodiak said that he would rub his penis on Tantrum's girl's cheek. Tantrum stayed consistent in this round of the lyrical cypher and won it.

In the eleventh round of the rhyme battle Tantrum said his adversary should have died at seven of hyper tension. Kodiak told a story in this round that wasn't very slick. Tantrum won this round of the tournament.

In the twelfth round of this rhyme cypher Kodiak spit another weak line he said that he seen his rival on Myth Busters. Tantrum stayed consistent and Tantrum won this round of the rap cypher because he just kept on going.

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