Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 4: HI $ RANSUM vs ILL BOI KAINE

HI $ RANSUM went first in this cypher and said in this game he had to utilize. He said the difference between him and his opponent is truth and lies and said deep in his music is where the truth should lie. He said that he's hot enough to turn December into July. He said that he's not candy coded he's so for real and threaten to kill him and his soldiers acting tough. He said that it's not a game and a rich man once told him that his flow is priceless. I must admit his delivery was enthusiastic. HI $ RANSUM said a sick man asked him if his flow was alright because it sounds like it was diagnosed with a virus. He said they get excited when he steps into the building. He told them not to put his name in the top bracket with top fagots and said that he's not average. I like the way he made syllables match and his punchlines weren't bad. He compared himself and his rival to a bunk bed. He finished off by boasting about his crew. ILL BOI KAINE gave HI $ RANSUM right after his rap verse was over. He started spitting his rhymes next and wasted no time talking about cocaine and he said people stay biting his style because his swag is Kosher. He said that his mac will leave his challenger bloody like your dissing the Crips. He said that his home boys ball and they pushing bricks and said that the game is messed up but he plans to get it fixed. ILL BOI KAINE claimed to have a Chevy and told HI $ RANSUM to check his partner and tell him to act proper. He said that he has experience while his opposition draws conclusions. He called himself a one minute man because his guns bust quickly. His lyrical ability was also syllabic in my opinion. These two rappers were highly similar. He said shot out to 50 cent because he's about to whoop his opponents head and at the end called him a little dick in a Magnum ain't nothing popping.

HI $ RANSUM claimed that when the world ends he'd be the only survivor. He said that he be stunting so hard he should roll with Macgyver and he said he's got work. He claimed that Jay-z Hova inspired him and said he's waiting to take over once he expires. He claims that he spits that hotness but his rival ain't close to it. He was a thorough lyricist with some hot metaphors and hot rhyme style. He equated the liquor that ILL BOI KAINE drinks to the glasses that his crew pours them in and says that he thinks that he is homeless, he says that he sees him in the streets and ignores him. HI $ RANSUM claims that his opponent is a little nigga that he treats like his curfew and said it was a bad match for him but personally I would have to disagree it's an even battle. He said that he would have his home boys take his oppositions arms off than mail his hands back and compared himself to Vega from Street Fighter. He sent his next contender a message. The last comment he made was that his rival would be leaving with an L. ILL BOI KAINE started out giving a shout out to the west side of his city. He said that HI $ RANSUM can't even throw a brick and his home boys carry a scale. He said that his crew eats cats up and clean there there teeth of them after every meal and said he would dead him for trying to take his money. He said if his challengers broad is bad that he's got to cuff her. He said he got a squad who be carrying things. He said to call them the stroller boys because they are peddling cane. ILL BOI KAINE says he see's through all bitches and has X-ray vision. He said would throw his adversary in the body bag. He compared himself to a basketball player because he shoots for the dunk. This round of the cypher is a tie.

In the third round of this hip hop match up HI $ RANSUM started out mentioning that his opponent is charged up and said that his opponent couldn't get rid of his Kaine so he started calling him Able. He said that he'd grab his shoulder then twist his arm in an angle grab guardian angel and have body guard guarding his angel,that was deep. He calls ILL BOI KAINE's girl a freak who takes it all in her analand drops her pants and her knees just fall to her ankles. HI $ RANSUM tried to imply that his opponent is a snitch. He said that he puts chrome where you'll never see stashed somewhere and he bragged about his drop top. He compared his crew to Gladiators then he said ask Russel Crow and that he'll turn his adversary's family van into an ambulance. He compared his 48 to the TV show 48 hours. he also proceeded to brag about what he's got and tried to rub it in ILL BOI KAINE face. He bragged about being raised around wild animals and said that he recognizes his opposition is from the struggle but don't cross that thin line between a zoo and a jungle. He claimed to have been born with a creative mind and said he could create a mind. The last statement that HI $ RANSUM was that It's not a game. ILL BOI KAINE went in next and started to spit fire. The first thing he said was bare witness to the to the him and said that you must come get him and his crew and warned that the pump comes with them. He said that he ain't worried about nothing because he a monster. He said that where he is from his challenger is a whats his name and said that he just lets it spray he doesn't duck and aim. He claims that if he doesn't get what he wants he throws a temper tantrum and said he would kidnap his girl and kill her before he gets the ransom. He said that cats call HI $ RANSUM pussy and he wouldn't put it past him. ILL BOI KAINE said he would tie his opponent to the back of a car while his girlfriend is in the back seat giving head and equated his girl to facebook. He said like a dirty mouth you can get scoped. He ended by shouting out his rap name.




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