Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rap Battle. Artisan vs K.O.N. AHAT

K.O.N. went right into this rap cypher talking about how much he hated his Artisan so much that if he made a hard song he would put a bomb in his car aka 10 pounds of nitro glycerin and described in syllabic details described blowing him up. He told his opponent that he dares him to try something and then he said when he gets departed and missed he would tell the doctor to donate his organs to a female dog since he has the heart of a bitch. He called him so pussy that his camel toe got a camel toe. He said that he's the worst and said your gonna die being remembered as clown and said that opponent asks questions first and squeezes never. K.O.N. told his opponent to stop it before he puts the cash in the box cash deposit. Artisan then went in to rap next after he caught his composure, he said they couldn't find anybody that could match up to him and called challenger Malibu's most wanted and proceeded to call him a Wig-Ga and doesn't say anything ill. He said when he sprays steel he ain't got to keep shooting he could kill him in one round like Trigger did J-Will and then stuttered on his next punchline. He called K.O.N. a rich boy that's good at using photo shop and said his opponent stumbled on Phranchyze. Artisan tried to say that his rival started to sound like a preacher after awhile during his last match and he said that he is alright but with the bars they don't feel him. He said that his raps are ass, trash, and mildew and then said something about his oppositions girl. K.O.N. won this round of the tournament in my opinion.

K.O.N. then went in and started the second verse saying that he be on some medieval stuff and said that when squeeze the fifth he could make a whole bunch of rappers dis appear like a tetris game. He said he'll turn Artisan life story into a paragraph and said that his dumb ass wanted to royal rumble. He said if he ain't got a gun for him he'd send him bungee jumping with the same rope that Owen Hart would use and said that it isn't hard to do so if he shows hesitation it'll lead to suicide like Chris Benoit when the medications mixed and said that his rival is no where near a gangster so people don't feel what he's rapping about. K.O.N. said that his opponent was more like a teacher in a sweater because he did a song to the instrumental of Beamer, Benz, and Bentley called walking cat plus a mountain bike. He said that there was no way his opposition would be beating him in this cypher. He said that this will be the fourth time he got eight on ahat and compared him to a math problem. Artisan went in immediately next and started rapping and said that he wouldn't fail. He said that his opponent is sweet and his heart is where that cinnamons in and he said hes getting tired of tentative men because when it's beef K.O.N. breaks out quick he got sensitive skin. He said that he heard Kid Doms wrote half his raps and the kid a good rapper. He said his team will get hid adversary x'd out quicker than a pop up ad. He compared his challengers flow to Nov and said he isn't feeling that. Artisan said he would kick down the door and make his gun clap and leave his body shaking like Fats and told him to get lost. He asked him why is he mad just because the kid frost and said his challenger is light literally. He ended with a lyrical syllabic verse. This round was a tie in my opinion.

K.O.N. started the third round of the tournament saying that his adversary is not the street type and said that he lives the geek life and he didn't wanna hear about what he does on the block. He said that he seen the game with him and O.D. so he can tell that Artisan doesn't know how to with the rock. He said if thats big brother verses little brother than the host would be an only child after the battle. He insisted that he be screwing his opponents girl and said that she is a hoe. He said if he wanted his rival tries to get out of line he'll feed him pills and medicine and leave him at a family reunion. K.O.N. told him to understand what he's doing and he would provide some shots when he clenches his nine and have his brain ups addressed to a different state of mind. He said that he has an A k or a nine and if his opponent messes with him he would spray him. Artisan started by saying bitch nigga man up take your leg make sure you can't stand what and said he would shoot and leave his challenger int he sky to prove white man can jump. He said he'll tell him to take the n off his name because it's just a K.O. and told him he better stop hating. He said that his hammer is gonna traumatize his opposition, modify, and homicide him. He threatened to sodomize K.O.N.'s sister and said that he would dead him leave him crying on camera like Derick Fischer. He said this ain't a bet and asked who do you think your styling and tried to compare his facts to Elton John. He said that his challenger doesn't say his grace because he's never been a man.

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