Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stack-Raw vs Mootzarell new haven,ct rap battle

Stack-Raw started off saying to Mootzarell after 3 rounds there ain't gonna be a sudden death and to play blood until he paint his steps and rip his tongue then break his neck. He said take his opponents fingers off and throw up gang signs with them. He compared his adversary to a warm up and told his opposer to call the jakes because he'd laugh in there face. He said that he be on the block pitching hard bass and that he makes doe stacks before the day starts to break. Stack-Raw called his crew a soldier platoon that will shoot everything moving and threatened to throw a tantrum if he doesn't get paid. He called himself a monster that the streets brought up and said he would treat his prey mucus. He tried to call himself a better M C with better bars and claimed to had sex with the mans girl and she was talking junk about him behind his back. He said that his adversary wouldn't pop a button even if he was over weight and told him that in the Hill he ain't familiar. He compared his guns to movies but said he rather slice up his opponent and his finishing rhyme was hot as well. Mootzarell then went in right after and spit his verse. The first thing he did when he started rapping was introduce him self and took credit for influencing Stack-Raw. He told his challenger to study his music and said he rather move raw instead of stacking it. He then started bragging about the guns he shoots,comparing them to the month of june and called his rival a monkey. He rapped about scheming out an elaborate plot and warned him about seeing a casket or two and robbing him for his chain and other jewelry. Mootzarell compared his opponent to Jay Quan and tried to call him a hood hopper. He said he would scrape his opponents plate until the base is gone and said that Stack-Raw isn't even on his radar. Through out him spitting I enjoyed the way he put rhymes together he is a thorough lyricist. He tried to imply that the boy his opposition had an 8 ball for a week and couldn't get it off in a week and said he wasn't on his level. He said he would levitate the boy like a he was practicing magic. This round of the lyrical tournament was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of this cypher Stack-Raw called Mootzarell a fake and light as a feather then called himself official. He said that he's frequently on the move and said he would bang his gun on silly fools. He said that girls treat him like a star when he leaves his house and had to bring himself back because he got off subject. He referred to his opponent being a loser. He claimed that he was gonna expose his rival who supposedly was not a lyricist and said that his mac would clear out his background. Stack-Raw then went on to say that he's most known for his realness and called Mootzarell and his home boys out. He said that he does what it takes to survive and the first nigga acting up will be the first to get shot. He claimed to be there for the the paper and not the fame or glory He called his opposer's lyrics stupid. He preached that he rather shoot and scuffling ain't really his thing and said he wasn't feeling his opponents bars. Stack-Raw compared his rival to a stripper and threatened with his wrath. He compared himself to King Kong and said he'd send killer whales at his adversary. He also said he'd leave him in a box stiffer than dirt and said for talking that fire he'll get burned. Mootzarell then went in and started to spit and brought up information about his challenger claiming that the man works at Target and said that he ain't better and called himself a savage with the bars. He spent an awful long time describing his SK and spit about himself being a gorilla. He told Stack-Raw to call him Millimeter Mootza. He even said he would give him a buck fifty and leave him with a bloody throat. Mootzarell compared battling him to being suicide without a rope and said that he pumps bass like a stereo. He went on to brag about his hood and told his challenger that he's a skitso. In this round he continued with his syllabic rhyme delivery. He said that he'd shoot his adversary in his wrist until his hand is gone. He said he would shoot his Stack-Raw's head clear off and said that he would straight up tear his rivals ears off and the last thing he said was that for acting wild the toast is gonna clear him off. In my opinion Mootzarell won this round of the rapping battle. He was just more funny and consistent and kept the crowd awoke better plus he was thorough with putting words together.

In the third round of the cypher Stack-Raw brought up the fact that his opposition rapped about how he works at Target. He said that his adversary is choosing death if he messes with him. He called him straight pussy exposed and said that he gets a kick when he sees try to be bold. He said that he makes emcees nauseous. He said he would cut Mootzarell's babies throat and throw grandmother down the stairs and tie his mother up, he seemed to be telling a story. Stack-Raw called the man a bitch that tries to play it off and said he wipes his ass with his opposition's face and tried to say that his adversary can't see him. He threatened to shoot him and his old dogs and said that the battle is forbidden then asked if he was kidding. He said that he would make bowels loosen when he pulls the heat out. His rap style reminded me of Murdah Mook, but at the same time I don't think he was trying I think he just naturally sounds like him. Mootzarell went in on his challenger Stack-Raw with no hesitation and said this his first order of business. His delivery was strong. He proceeded to insist that his rival a total fake and say that he isn't a gangster. He said that he would leave the him leaning on his home boy. He sounded like a he was a in the military when he was rapping and talking about precision and all that good stuff. He accused his adversary of getting a g check because he's a reject with no respect. Mootzarell said that he doesn't play games. He said that he would leave Stack-Raw petrified and dead for over principle. He elaborated on that and said he would drop him down a grade to a remedial course. He even made sound effects when he raps and he said that him and his home boys bang and ride the six. He focused on describing how he would shoot up his family from the mother up to the grandmother. Mootzarell won this round of the rhyme battle.



  1. So which one's Stack? The chubby one? Is this that store on Whalley?

    1. He's the one that you see on most of the blue and white thumbnails with the blue and white shirt. I never been there but i think it's on Whalley Ave or somewhere in West ville


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