Monday, July 26, 2010

ClayD vs JD

JD started the rap battle saying his name and his opponents and said that they said that was the match up. He claimed to only be going up against ClayD to get his confidence back up, that's what he said and then told his adversary to act up but he would slap him. He called his oppositions mother a fat whore and paused while the crowd got excited then he added that he has a black cunt. He said that she has the best head and he'd make her pussy get wet and stretched. He accused his rival of having long hair to cover up his red neck and implied that he was battling a Hillbilly. He told his rival that he doesn't know jack about him and told him to get a plane ticket back to Orange County. JD tried to make fun of ClayD's sister too saying that she needs to go to continue I guess Bounty Hunting and said that he spent quite amount of time watching him and masturbating. he tried to say that his adversary wishes that Osna paid him attention. He said he would teach his opposition a lesson and for not staying home since supposedly can't handle him. He said that his opponent wouldn't even be the toughest guy Sacred Heart Academy. He called his opponent a bitch who ain't never did nothing illegal and said that the guy thinks hes fly because Hollisters logo is a seagull. He said that he couldn't stand him since the first time he heard him rap. ClayD went up to spit next and said that JD was boring and said that he doesn't take battling him seriously. He accused his challenger looking on Youtube for Grind Time rappers to imitate and said that his opponents girl be playing him like an organ. He tried to say that the girl drinks cum and compared him self to Captain Morgan, whoever that is. He said that he is performing like Jeff Gordan and George Foreman in all of his cyphers. He said that his performance was bull but he's suppose to be Jordan. He tried to imply that JD wished hi mother had an abortion then he seemed to be catching himself from sneezing. ClayD I'll bet this geek spent all last week trying to do research and scared himself to sleep dreaming of him being Freddy Krueger at this clash. You could obviously tell that he is improvising and coming up with rhymes off the top of the dome. He said that if his opponent chokes again than somebody should know the hind lick maneuver. He called oppositions family a pack of losers and said that his mother only has one breast and wants to work at hooters and called his father a retard. He called him the odd ball in the family because Osna had him neutered. This round of the Mc clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round JD said it's round two now and ClayD's mother is still a whore. He claimed that she likes to polish his dick tip and he said that he doesn't know if his opponent was just rapping or if one of the white chicks were just throwing a bitch fit. He then began to freestyle and said he was battling a fagot. He said that his rival might be fly one day but right now he's a maggot and he said he was gonna slap him because supposedly doesn't rock shows and said that he performed at the high school block party than after that he performed at high school cock party. JD told a story about his ClayD ending up looking like he got hit with silly string and compared him to a Jack in the box. He claimed to have co to LA to drop bombs and asked him if he gives some guy named pretty a card on fathers day and said that he might have choked against Osna but claimed his opponent choked on pretty's dick. He told his adversary that he's getting ripped by the guy who chokes on his lines and didn't seem at all modest about it he was quite happy about it. He told his opposition to seize to exist because he doesn't matter and said screw him his long hair and his Paris Hilton swagger. He compared this cypher to Steven it and claimed that the clown was killing him. ClayD started this round off saying that his opposition must be a clown for saying that he sucks penis and called JD a hoe and then spoke about how many plays his music gets. He said he would run up in his challengers crib like hello and said said that he is softer than Jello and probably has crush on Elmo. He claimed that he be crushing his adversary's girl and said she gets ran threw more than yellow lights. He compared his opponents verse to getting stuck in Velcro. ClayD called his adversary a joker and said that he was gay and probably wears beaded chokers. He said if a girl tried to talk to his opposition he'd probably choke her. He told his opponent to listen up and called him a gay slut. JD accused his opponent of cross dressing and routing for team Jacob and he also tried to call him a female in disguise. He said that he would probably try to bite and recycle off his rhymes he used in the cypher and claimed to treat his girl friend like Michael Jackson. He said when his girl is wet he probably leaves her in drought and then began to talk some nonsense about his opponent redecorating his house. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie because nobody said anything really devastating.

In the third round of this rap battle JD tried to ask ClayD a question and asked him if he was die hard Eminem fan and if he was the reason they wrote the song Stan. He tried to imply that his opponent practices incest. He asked his rival why he got to dis him against Osna and he said that we all know that's a low blow. He said all the people around him are saying yea I know bro and said that his opposition is a flaming homo. He called his adversary a damn clown and said he would slap him. He said that after the cypher ClayD was gonna go home and listen to his music loud. JD claimed that his rivals throat was down right numb because he sucked off so many black guys that he's starting to sound like one. He called his rival a flaming queer that'll suck your dick after a couple of beers. He said the the thought of fighting probably scares him badly and accused his adversary of having Hannah Montana panties. The rapper known as ClayD then started spitting next he said that this tournament is getting sad because not every one in there feels him after his challenger tried his best approach and compared JD to the over grown cock roach on Men In Black. He said I'll bet you know how to handle balls and wood from your baseball coach. He accused him of stroking him in the midst of doing a line of coke and he described it. He told his rival that spitting out Sun Flower seeds doesn't mean he could spit rhymes and said that he looked like he was born in a litter. ClayD tried to imply that his adversary like to look at the crotch of men and claimed that he was a Philippine homo that be in the back room with the door closed taking it up the butt in slow mo. He claimed that JD's favorite position is the Spanish number for eight eight. He used one Lil Wanes lyrics when he referred to playing for keeps and compared his opponent to Miami Heat basketball players. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the last round of this battle ClayD tried to imply that his challenger was a product of incest and said that he has a bad fashion sense. He said that his oppositions mother was probably pissed from him handling her purse and said that when she found out he was going one on one with him today she probably got mad and started to curse. He said that he isn't a Philippine but was pretty sure that she said don't you know that your suppose to work hard to become a nurse. He compared his adversary to erectile dis-function. He ended kind of abruptly in my opinion and his verse wasn't that long. JD started this cypher by calling this a bull-shit ass OT and claimed to have beat ClayD in rounds one and three. He tried to imply that the black judges were taking his opponents side and called him a white girl. He called him a gay bitch that probably bends over in a cell and some dude tells him to take it. He said that his he was spitting a freestyle off the top of the the dome and his opponent should have stayed home and called him by his real name Clayton. He said that his rival can't face him because he looks like a girl. He called him a country and claimed that he has broke down Vans. He said that he would slap him one time with his broke hands and make him go home a broke man. JD said that he beat ClayD and said he's playing in his hair like a shampoo commercial. He all of a sudden got hyped up from the crowd and bragged about his freestyle ability. He said that his opposition couldn't win against him or Osna. He told his adversary to get into class. This round of the battle was a tie in my opinion being that both of theses rappers had a few big mistakes.

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