Monday, July 19, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Yadi Supreme vs PT

Yadi Supreme started the rhyme battle saying that lyrically he's about to eat PT and let some chick piss on him like an Electronic Pregnancy Test and called him a gangster that never stole a hub cap. He said that the man has an erection when he hears Loaded Lux and Yadi Supreme said that his radar lifts up anyone he senses to be gay. He accused PT of having a Murda Mook lunch box and a T Rex blow up doll and said he would take his money. He tried to imply that he's a closet homo-sexual. Yadi Supreme said that his adversary has a girlfriend that's really a guy who beats his ass in public and compared him to a fat girls vaginal lips. He seemed to be trying to say that PT looks like one of Akon's kids and said he'd put him in a body bag and write pussy on the bottom half, I liked that punchline. He ended this by calling his adversary's mother a fag. PT started of by saying that Yadi Supreme had jokes and said that he ain't grabbing a clip and said that he is about to show him who he is rapping with. He started of slow and steady then he became fast and aggressive. He said he would take Yadi Supreme's girl and get head from her until he crashes his whip but you could so tell that his verse was written. He seemed to be tripping on words. PT claimed to only need one gun in his palm and he didn't need clappers be cause he could work good with one arm like a weed cutter, I like that punchline. He compared everything his challenger to mixing and mastering music. Overall in this round of the rhyme battle I would have to say that Yadi Supreme won it because his metaphors hit a bit harder and his delivery was there.

In the second round of this cypher Yadi Supreme started by calling PT a pussy in Mexican and a few other languages and asked him what he wants a bunch of racial jokes. He started to accused his adversary of getting messed with by cops and he's a fake gangster as well as a bitch boy who wouldn't make it in jail. Yadi Supreme even said PT looks like the gremlin with the stripe in the middle and said that he never shot a gun but he lies about it in his lyrics and compared his opponents gun to a tiny Chinese woman. He said where he's from is Nazi's and browns and said that he lives in a racist town. He told PT's life is an imaginary figment. Yadi Supreme called his opponent Taye Diggs and told him he wasted 180 seconds. PT started his verse like a deranged crazy person but he didn't start out saying anything worth quoting when he first started. It was funny when he called Yadi Supreme's ass hole a half way house and tried to imply that he had a dead gay spouse. He claimed to had been a better artist than his Jewish opponent. PT was kind of dry during this round of the rhyme battle with little to no crowd reaction. I could sense his hunger in his raps but his punchlines were only straight mostly. He called Yadi Supreme's girl a head giver and PT said claimed to have a pretty deep following before Grind Time and said he had a bigger buzz than Yadi Supreme. He owned up to sodomizing his challengers girl friend and said he would head butt the guys mother in the feet, wow he had to be spitting a freestyle rap. PT spit hard but not hard enough Yadi Supreme took this round of the cypher hands down.

In the third round of this battle Yadi Supreme started rapping and said that PT dresses like a ghetto lesbian and said that his rhymes are general and stupid. He told him to tell every real thug in the building that he apologizes and that his gangster is disqualified because he is from the home of Prince. He continued to try to imply that his rival is a sissy and told him to purify himself in a lake. He got real lyrical then said that this dude is mad scary and gay. Yadi Supreme said that from January to May PT wears Raspberry Barret. Yadi Supreme said he would snuff him in his bug eyes. He called himself a soldier with a poets ear. He said that he was gonna steal his opponents money because the real Hip hop is with him so he claims. PT said that you can catch him running into his oppositions house with stilts on the bead while he was sleep and said that Yadi Supreme stinks. He said that his challenger sleeps with a coofy quilt on his head and called him a Arab with Mexican cheeks. PT said that his adversary doesn't have to pay to get shot because it's free and said that. He said that he makes songs for the Dangerous minds just like Coolio . He took Lil Waynes hook to state his argument. I would have to say that this round of the cypher was a tie.

In the fourth and last round of this match up PT said he had been waiting to get his hands on him and compared sticking up Yadi Supreme to a Tampon. He tried to call his adversary weird when he said it was ten below outside but his had his window open with the fan on and accused him of looking for man porn. PT told Yadi Supreme that he could talk about Minnesota all he wants but he still gets more views than him. He claimed that he would shoot a nigga like a Panasonic and freestyle raps off the top of the dome. He made fun of
his challengers beard. Yadi Supreme spit his verse and was imitating his adversary and that he lives in Minneapolis where there are supposedly few black people. He said that his opponent spits horror core rap and a fake New York swag. He said screw you and all the white guys who look like you and said he was so white it reminded him of what he doesn't like about himself. He had a super lyrical flow at the end of this rap cypher. Yadi Supreme definitely won this round of the rap battle.


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