Tuesday, July 27, 2010


WEAPON-X started the rap battle mentioning HEAD ICE and said he would put a foot in YOUNG ALE ass both legs. He said that he's battling a nigga with long hair from the Bronx and compared his adversary to Jennifer Lopez. He claimed to have studied how rivals word play and said that he screams and makes noise just to get a crowd reaction. He said that every punchline his opponent makes is about what he is gonna do to a nigga. He said that he figures he'd switch it up to make the crowd go wild and beat his opposition by using his own style. He then proceeded to bring up his rivals rap history and told the crowd about his last two battles. WEAPON-X called himself the lethal injection that kills YOUNG ALE and he seemed to be searching through his memory banks for things to freestyle. He said that he would put the K in front of his eye and said he would slice his adversary in the abdomen with a machete blade then spill him. He said he would hold his opponents parents hostage and he was just saying mad gruesome things. He tried to call his competition corny and said his birth is the result Stevie Wonder playing games with crazy glue. WEAPON-X called his opponent bars stretched and said he couldn't figure out his opponents race then tried to imply that his father does lawn work. YOUNG ALE started rapping next and said that he heard his opponent brought his girl to the cypher I hope that isn't true because the dumbest thing that you can do in my opinion is bring your girl friend or your mother to your match up. He said that when he squeezes the gun he said that one shot will leave his chest open like a V neck his expression made the rhyme come alive even though it was mad generic. He said he would make WEAPON-X's mother play Russian roulette with an oozy and put a rocket to his grand ma's rocking chair. YOUNG ALE made a story about what he'd do to his sisters too and said he would choke the baby in his family with his bib. He said he would find his fishes and then sprinkle some seasoning on them and fry them then said he shoot the vermin in his house and the neighbor. He compared his challenger to an X men character and said he would turn his block into an apocalypse. The last thing he said was he would turn his waves to a mo hawk. In my opinion YOUNG ALE won this first round of this round of the rhyme battle.

in the second round of the tournament WEAPON-X started off the this round of the clash talking junk about his opponents speech impediment and elaborated on it. He said he would kidnap his opponents daughter and have convicts choke her then cut his eye lids off then make him watch them poke her. He said he would throw his opponents face on the grass and watch it get slashed by a running lawn mower and he seemed to be spitting some freestyle rhymes once more he was just saying any thing. He said that he would leave YOUNG ALE worked like the color of his shirt. WEAPON-X said he was gonna take the s out of smirked and and his adversary would get merked, yo I ain't got nothing against this emcee I heard him say some hot rhymes in the past but that punchline was corny and i'm mad that the crowd hyped it up like it was thorough. He said that he has the metal on him and called himself a rebel army. His reference to T Pain was lame and it was a good thing he stopped himself. YOUNG ALE started off by saying that his challenger is an Oreo cookie and said that he's black and white like them old televisions then gave a good example. He said WEAPON-X changed his name from Omega while calling himself a veteran and compared him self to an X men character. He said that he would leave his rival like professor Xavier and said he would come through with a 350 and give his opponent a few shots then put him in a box then aid 3 sixty. He said a couple shots would leave his adversary extinct like a T Rex and claimed to be talking to be hollering at his girl. YOUNG ALE tried to imply that Lethal and C4 be taking turns running trains on WEAPON-X's girl friend and said that he's up next. He said he text-ed her then reffered to leaving heads spinning and compared his challenger to Roman numbers. He compared his adversary to Malcolm X for his last punchline. In my opinion YOUNG ALE won this round of the rap clash.

In the third round of the match up WEAPON-X went in saying that he's ready and said that he's deadly with a bat. He said he would swing once and turn his opponent into confetti. He said he would throw his mother on the ground kick her in the face make her suck his dick and use sulfuric acid as tooth paste. He said listen nigga then he messed up and he was surely freestyle rapping. He let everybody know that he was improvising and said he's quick with thinking up rhymes. He said for that green he stay wilding and said something about Ray Allen. WEAPON-X made it clear that he wasn't going out with out a fight. He had a DMX style and said he'd kill YOUNG ALE bitch in the middle of the night. He began to spit about how he would shoot his adversary and said that his home boys would jump in. He claimed that the tournament was a mis match and said he would throw a javelin through his six pack. he said that when he's finished they would use his rib cage as a dish rack. YOUNG ALE started off saying that he found out his opponents real name is Darius and called him a school boy and said that heard he goes to college. He tried to imply that his WEAPON-X wasn't real and claimed to know when and where to find him. He compared his opponent to Eminem and said that he would catch them Aftermath. He equated hitting D to algebra. The best thing about him was his delivery and his consistency as he tried to imply that his challenger was purple, he even pulled out his flash light to help him see him better. He began to start saying anything in his verse but his closer was straight.



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