Saturday, July 24, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Fatz vs Skinbo

Skinbo started to rap battle first calling Fatz a loser and said that this summer he's got to chop dudes up like blenders. He said that his opponent be acting like the police with the bitches and he cuffs them down and said that he's a clown. He threatened to dump if his adversary was talking crap and watch him stumble down. He called him self a savage and said he got pistols in the attic. He said that his boys would bring havoc if his adversary messes with his money. I would have to say that had a good delivery but his punchlines were mad simple and you can tell that he's freestyle rapping. Skinbo said that he'll shoot shot at him like the Mavericks and he said that Fatz needs to let tough guy talk go. He said that his home boys don't play and they play with artillery. He asked his opposition if he hears what he's trying to say because he didn't think he was feeling him and said that corny rappers be getting to him saying a bunch of fake stuff. He told his rival to ask about him because he ain't nothing to play with and he claimed to stay with two nines and four clips, pocket full of money, purple, and a hoe bitch. Skinbo said that his opponent is no threat and said he should'v put some cash up and it would'e been an easy money bet and compared his opponent to the Bobcats. He said for stunting with your money he would make him wanna rob him and said that his opposition isn't from the hood and has cops at his house. Fatz went in the rap battle telling his opponent that he didn't even beat Nov and said that he is irrelevant. He said that his challenger is insulting his intelligence. He called his rival too delicate, fragile and frail. He tried to call him self a cheetah while Skinbo is a snail and said he wouldn't feel his rhymes if they were written in braille. He tried to say that his opponent was illiterate and can't read and accused him of being a virgin that doesn't know how pussy smells. He said that he is battling a bum that couldn't break a buck if you put him on a scale. Fatz called his opponent a light weight that never wins and said that he is scared to go out side because he might get taken by a gust of wind. He said he'll rip him from mid night until brunch and said he can't wait for some drama to jump. He said that he can't wait to grab his gun and dump and said his name should be deodorant because he erases funk. He said that he'd make his adversary bleed since he's a cunt and it's that time of the month so he claims. In my opinion this round of the rhyme fest goes to Fatz.

In the second round of this cypher Skinbo then began to kick a verse and said that he figures that it would come to this so he came with the knock out. He said that he pulled the gun out and now his adversary wants to talk. He called him a pussy nigga and told him that he does not want beef and told him not to speak looking like a geek. You could feel his expression in his raps. He said he doesn't play and said he would kill his opponent by his self and no witnesses. He said that that him and everyone else sees that rival is not a factor. Skinbo called Fatz an actor and said that he doesn't even like his rival and if push come to shove then he would have to fight him. He told the dudes that came with him to stop trying to hype him up and said that if he was in the pen he would slice his adversary up. He told his opposition to step his bar game up and told him to step his car game up. He told him not to make him have to do punch him and then shoot him. Yo this dudes delivery is strong and slick that junk is mad funny, he said they're gonna find his rival in a dumpster and said since he is from the gutter he should feel his verses. Skinbo said that he kills for his chips and said he spits game to his rivals bitch. He said that he heard that his opposition was on the strip and claimed that his opponent takes it in the ass. He tried to imply that his adversary was using recycled raps. Fatz then went in and had much to say and asked his challenger why he even rhymes. He said that the only way his adversary is eating anything with fat in it is if he purchases junk food. He called his rival a rhyme biter and compared himself to forbidden fruit. He equated himself to a heroin habit and said accused his Skinbo of getting molested. He had a little speech impediment when started to cal his rival a fagot and accused him of trying to move to Massachusetts and marry a fagot. He said that hi challenger hates and both his pockets are over weight. Fatz compared himself to a cobra snake which was a very good analogy and called his opposition fraudulent and counterfeit. He called his style whack and said his rap career won't amount to nothing. He said that he was about to split some money up with O.D. because it was tax season and all of the emcees owe him and said the he has a battling fee. He said that he'd knock every last branch off of Skinbo's family tree and said that his straps big and packs ten. This rap battle was taken by Fatz but Skinbo is thorough to especially to be spitting off the top.

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