Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Nugget Vs Brosy

Brosy started the lyrical matchup first he got the crowd laughing when he accused Nugget of talking to his ass called him a drunken mistake and a disgrace. He said that he was non subleminal. He said that his adversary drives around in a car with a mattress in it and referred his music to has being a crime hip hop. He compared his rap skill to a mean Jewish person. The last thing Brosy told his opponent in a syllabic fashion was to leave. Nugget seemed to be telling Redzer he hates him because of the battles that they give him. He mentioned how he went to the U.K. to battle It seemed like he was trying to say that they don't put him against the right people. He called his challenger a debut and said that the match up must be a joke. He said that his opposition apparently got stood up like a blind date at his last competition and called his opponent an ugly bastard. Nugget finished off this round of the rhyme battle saying that he rather be a fat bastard and a single dad then his to be his rival This round of the cypher was a tie.

Brosy started off by calling his adversary depressing and said that his rival brings him down because he need some head. He started off flowing with a syllabic style. He called his opponents songs on his mix tape a mistake. He wanted to know how Nugget ever sneaked past evolution and said that his opposition doesn't care anything about the music he makes and said that he is raping the genre of rap. Brosy said that he had sex with his adversary mother and caught an extreme case of herpes. He ended up having to freestyle because he began to run out of rhymes and said he'd put his rival in a head lock and burn him like a head shot, wasn't sure what he was talking about I guess he meant liquor. His ending was totally sloppy. When it was time for Nugget to spit his verse he confronted the fact that Brosy said something about listening to his music and said that he he was an ugly cunt. He started to get syllabic with his delivery of rhymes. He accused his challenger of still being stuck in the 90's and said that this was a small battle to him. He accused his adversary of being on Noah Ark rowing the boat and singing his favorite songs. In this round of tournament Nugget won it without a doubt.

The third round of this rap cypher started with Brosy trying to improvise and spit off the top of the dome. He said that this match up was gonna come down to the wire and said he would leave him like McNulty. He also accused his adversary of having a single digit IQ and he said he could beat his opponent with a form of Japanese poetry. His delivery got sylabic again and seemed to be freestyle rapping he stumbled on a few rhymes. Brosy called himself the king of DON'T FLOP while his opposition is a Special Olympian. Nugget seemed to have started his verse putting his challengers business supposedly claiming that his adversary can't decide on his wedding song out there and said he wouldn't be anything without the people on his team. He made then made insults about where his opponent was from and said that his opposition probably has a Motorola brick phone. He said that every Sunday you could see Brosy at church with his family. Nugget said that his rap career won't fly. Nugget won this round of the rhyme battle based on consistency.

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