Monday, July 19, 2010

KOTD - Jack Shitt vs FeelGood

FeelGood started the first round of this rap cypher and started by saying that of course he doesn't respect his opponent and said lets not even talk about the second time. He said that couldn't believe he memorized some pathetic lines until he heard him forget his rhymes. He said that he makes accurate observations and calls people butt face and tells people how cum taste. He accused Jack Shitt of rapping for four years and still didn't get any better and brought up some some old facts about him. FeelGood compared his opponents fan base of being less than a rubber wrapped Hub craft and accused him of hating to watch B.E.T.. He said that he knows it sounds ridiculous but listen to the irony. He accused his opposition of thinking a hood classic is Dennis The Menace To Society. Jack Shitt started rapping soon after calling his challenger a bumbling fool and shed light to what FeelGood seem to be talking about. He said there was nothing to do but crush someone new and said that it would suck to be his opponent but I'm mad he had a big old sweat spot under his arm pit. He said it sucked to be his opposer and claimed that he didn't mean to be rude and that his school professors teach him culinary arts. He said that he was glad that his rival is learning how to cook because he is eating his food and said that he feels a little woosy because he said that he was so ill that there was no doctor that could fix it. He implied that FeelGood named himself after a James Brown song. The last punchline that Jack Shitt said was thorough. This round of the rapping battle was a tie in my opinion and both of these emcees had an equal crowd reaction.

In the second round of this rap cypher FeelGood claimed that it was pretty obvious that his opponent is a loner and tried to say that he looks like a hairy Mormon. He made fun of his opposition girl, calling her a dragon and called him a Jab-Rooney. He said that Jack Shitt is unaggressive, not impressive, and compared him to giving your sister a vibrator. He then told the crowd to hold up because they got a bit rowdy but when he started he brought up the fact that his opposition lost to OZ. FeelGood said that his adversary thinks Lab-Ron is French for brown. Jack Shitt started out by saying that it was time to exterminate his challenger and called him half midget half munch-kin and tried to say that if he was a producer they would call him DJ premo baby as well. He then seemed to be trying to describe in a syllabic lyrical fashion that his opponent has short man complex. He spent a long time calling his opposition short and called him shorter than Napoleon. He reffered to FeelGood as being Pauly Shore and said that he's dead. He reminded me of a cave man when he said it. In my opinion Jack Shitt won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of this lyrical tournament FeelGood claimed to have had a quick fix from a shrink ray and the rest went over to his opponents dick. He claimed to be learning his Jewish knowledge at thirteen. He called his opposition pissed for getting kicked out of rabbinical school for licking some tools. He said the way that he raps couldn't be worse because his punchlines are elementary and said he showed him a battle with street rapper but claims that Jack Shit didn't understand or feel them. FeelGood seemed to have stepped his punchline game up during this round. He called his adversary's delivery pussy. He claimed to have seen Jack Shitt protesting on a city block. He accused his rival of starting his own genre called Hip hop genre and had a tattoo on his back of Biggy Smalls kissing 2 Pac and said that when he takes a loss his friends get mad and they talk. He said that he would throw Jack In the Box. When Jack Shitt brought up the fact that FeelGood battled Po rich and said said that he stole his style. He said that his challenger since jump off and said after he practiced for weeks he only barely won but he beat the man who made famous. He asked his opposition why he is so anxious and tried to say that he has A.D.D. attention deficit dis order. He said that he would take the wind from his sails and choke him with it and he said that he defeated him in a this rap battle without being racist just to show that he could. Jack Shitt won this round of the cypher.

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