Saturday, July 10, 2010

KOTD - Skelly vs Daze

Skelly started the rhyme battle with a syllabic style and said the crowd is nuts if they think he was ducking Daze. He compared this rap cypher to Ping with a handicapped Vietnam Veteran with missing arms. He told his opponent not to get his friends involved and had a ton of metaphors for shooting his adversary in this cypher. He called rival an innocent baby faced rapper and then talked more about the new guns that he just bought. He tried to say that he would stomp the opposer out and if he gets his sneakers dirty he'd stomp him out some more. Daze started rhyming next asking Skelly what it's like to suck at life and accused him of getting ate by Osa in a promo battle. He compared his opponent to a slice of Wonder Bread. He then asked his challenger how does he know he doesn't like being white. He compared his money to Buzz Light Year and said it was beyond infinity. He used a racist punchline on his rival and called him a cracker and seemed like he tried to call the man a white guy who tries to act black. Daze seemed to have stuttered during spitting his raps but it could've been for a number of reasons especially since the crowd is loud. This round of the tournament was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher Skelly started off referring to his opponent as little homie. He said that he wasn't here to joke with him and gave himself credit for his rival even noticing him. He claimed about how he cut rappers up and leaves open wounds with box cutters. He made fun of Daze's music and said if he put it on his Ipod he'd explode it and said that any deck that plays his tape needs to be stolen. He also tried to imply that his tracks were corny. His flow all of a sudden started getting syllabic. Skelly said that he would sit him in the spot and said his opponent doesn't push work on the Grind and tried. He said to his rival just wants to be pretty boy and that he would beat his opponent with bat then take walk away with a his scalp. Daze than began to rap and called death the cousin of sleep. He compared handling Skelly like a Media movieand said his rivals life to beef. It seemed that he proclaimed him self the winner of the battle no matter what his challenger wrote. He had a lot of gun rhymes and threatened to give him shots to the head. He also had some punchlines that referred to Red Man and Method man. He claimed to be tough ans said that his adversary beating him was unlikely. His last punchline had to do with Spider Man. This round of the rap battle is a tie.

In the third round of the cypher Skelly started off questioning his rival and bragged about stomping dudes out and said he's gonna stomp Daze out with steel toe work boots. He tried to spit about how he was gonna make his opponent sorry. He told his opponentquite a few disses and said opposing lyricists are scared to say his name. He threatened to treat him like mischief. Daze quickly went in and started spitting and called himself a cash addict and made fun of Skelly's girl. He called his rival a white supremacist. He called himself a meteorologist predicting heavy winds. His verse seemed to getting a bit poetic during this part of the cypher. He accused his opponent aka Adam that he lies and deceives and threated to punch him in his tooth. He tried to freestyle it seemed but he was just saying anything. He also tried to bring up old facts about his challenger having a battle with Bender. He compared his adversary falling like a crippled. Skelly won this round of the rapping battle because he had a way better performance this round.

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