Friday, July 9, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: DeastroDollar vs Godzilla

DeastroDollar started the cypher saying that Duce gave him the call and told him who he's gonna battle left. He said that his opposer had no fashion sense and wears tight tees with baggy shorts and boat shoes. He threatened to clap his adversary until he ends up on the floor and compared his rival to club fires. He compared his opponent to Joe Budden. His last statement was that the blind can see how talented of a spitter he was. Godzilla then went in and started rapping. He tried to say that he could turn his DeastroDollar's face into condiments and put him in the earth. He compared himself to Mossberg shells and Thor. He threatened to put his challenger on the wall. He compared his opposer to Mc Donalds extra value menu. He tried to compare the opponent to a french frie extra salty and compared the boys mother to a lawn mower and seemed to have messed up not too long after I guess he forgot his rhymes. DeastroDollar won this round of the rhyme battle based on that slip up.

DeastroDollar went in right after and made no hesitation to rap about Godzilla's girl and asked him if he was lame or dumb. He tried to say that he wasn't sure if he kill his opponent or beat his ass. He called his adversary's punchlines lite work. He accused his opposer of practicing bestiality with a horse dick. His next bar sick he referenced adversaries name. DeastroDollar compared his flow to liquor and told the crowd lets say cheers. Godzilla went in and started spitting his verse next proclaiming how he was gonna extinguish his adversary in this cypher and made church references about him. He compared his opponent to Creflo Dolla and Mase and called him trash. He then proceeded to imply that DeastroDollar tries to imitate Loaded Lux and gave him a new rap name This round of the match up was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this tournament DeastroDollar started off by attacking Godzilla's character and called a funny type of nigga like comic view. He aimed insults at his adversaries mother and father and tried to call his rival a prostitute. The next comparison that he made was calling himself an atheist. He tried to imply that his rival was soft. DeastroDollar tried to say that his opposer listened to Wutang. DeastroDollar even tried to talk crap about his opponents Mix tapes and mix cd's can't see a profit. The last comment that he made was that the battle was just a promo. Godzilla went in right after and started flowing right after tried to call DeastroDollar a snitch and said that he walks the walk and said he would turn challenger into a watermark. It seemed that He also said that he would stretch his adversary out into a rectangle and break him into four quarters. He said that the janitor would have to mop him up when he's done with him. He called his opponent a fake dollar, you get it? This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

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