Friday, July 2, 2010


12 GAUGE started the rap battle and said that D-BOY is a fagot looking dude. He started off talking junk about his adversary's hair. He was talking junk about his opponents lock and compared them to a jail. He also tried to say that his rival doesn't use shampoo. He called also him a short angry bitch version of Lauren Hill and compared the top of the boys head to Queen Latifah's snatch. He tried to say that his adversary had dreads like cable wires and called him a lot of names but mainly focused on calling him dirty and ugly. He tried to finish his verse and tripped up on his rhymes. D-BOY started spitting and said he should slap 12 GAUGE. He said that he would turn his adversary's chest into a birdie to play golf with. He compared his opponent to a slave master. He made fun of his challengers glasses as well. He made references to his rival being a slave master. He compared the man otherwise known as 12 GAUGE to bacon how he's shaking and shouted out the name of his baby mother. He called his adversary Stan from Eminems song an tried to say to that he looks he smokes rock. His last comment was basically trying to make fun his challengers sexuallity. D-BOY won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the rhyme battle 12 GAUGE started his round off talking about rent money and the fact that his opponent couldn't even come up with five hundred dollars and tried to call him a fagot punk looking dude who is scared of Skitso. He also tried to call his adversary a charmeleon with dreads who lives life straighter than a mail man. He tried to his rival a girly face dude when he compared D -BOY in the face to Halley Barry and a star wars character. D-BOY was off the chain when he started spitting his raps. He made a rap joke about his opponents girl and said white men can't jump but white girls can. He made references to IHOP in his rhymes as well. He also compared challenger to Al
. D-BOY won this round of the rap battle.

12 GAUGE started this round of the rhyme battle talking some junk about beating D-BOY up. He said that he would slap him and his family back to islands they came from. He claimed to want to piss and shit on him as well talking junk about his whole family tree. He tried to call his adversary transparent. He ended his verse pointing all up in rivals face. D-BOY went in rapping with a somewhat syllabic rap style. He compared 12 GAUGE to Carl Winslow on Family Matters.He compared himself to a goblin. He even called his challenger four eyes. He compared this battle to a Son Eclipse. He said that he'll send his opponent jumping off a building with no parachute. He made it clear that he was rapping off the top. His freestyle skills were on point I would say. D-BOY won this round of the rhyme battle. Save Money on Autos!

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