Wednesday, July 21, 2010

KOTD - Scott Free vs Decipher

Scott Free started the rhyme battle talking about how easy it was to tell from the video blog Decipher made and called him an imbecile elf. He said that his Canadian accent was ridiculed and said he doesn't care if his rival gets laid more than he does because his girl was pregnant with his son before he squirted his first nut. He confronted his adversary for accusing him of needing to step his life game up by saying that he own the house he lives in and has a million dollar family with a woman that's a sex machine. Scott Free basically said that his life has everything Decipher hopes to have one day. Scott Free all of a sudden got real syllabic and said that his bars don't hit the Target unless Wal-Mart is closed. He told him not to talk about gun and called him a scruffy. He asked him if he should punch him square in the mouth and leave him with a busted speaker and said he'd keep his head winging to feed back to his receivers. He tried to say that Decipher doesn't know rap because he thinks Biggy Smalls is where his mother buys his T Shirt and brought up the fact that his opponent choked in one of his one one one battles and challenged him again because he can't take the loss like a man. He said that rival ducked him twice. He said that if he swings on his opposition he would leave his eye blacker and bluer than B.B. King. Decipher started spitting next. He claimed to have coming back from retirement and Scott Free mentioned his name that's the only reason that he knew him for. He said that his challenger raps like he has broken vocal chords. He also told his opposition that his car and said that someone should have told him saying his name wasn't smart and claimed to have never faced a murder charge but said in a sense his adversary was right. Decipher compared his rival to doing 25 years to life. He accused his opponent of neglecting his child. He said Scott Free shouldn't rhyme because he's going through crack withdraw and said that if he keeps on acting cocky he'd use his babies fractured skull as a basketball. He called him a sucker and said that he's always talking junk. He said that he wants to throw him off a Milwaukee cliff and tried to say that his adversary's sodomize each other hockey sticks. He said his future is looking up like astrologist's but when he see's is pussy like gynecologist. Decipher called his adversary fake as can be and said that his face to him means nothing. In my opinion this first round of the cypher was a tie.

Scott Free started flowing immediately next and said you'd be surprised to find that his opponent made a kid with his screw partner and told him his name then told him he had small penis. He said that the kid would have to be an Illmaculate sized kid because his Decipher is extremely short. He said back to the script in a battle of wits his chance of winning is as big as the shadow he casts. Scott Free claimed to have seen Heavy D D bloc are better at rapping than his opposition. He said his flow is a D plus and invite him to suck nuts. He called Decipher emcee arthritis because all of his joints are hurting. He said that his opponents girl friend gave him herpes on purpose and he stayed with her because he likes rolling with a Bumpy Johnson like Frank Lucas. Scott Free metaphors seemed to be an inch deeper this round, he said he seen his adversary taking a picture with DJ Premiere and said the next person he'd be taking a picture with is Guru. He said that the first nine months of her pregnancy she prayed he was indigestion and said that his opposition plays it low key like Jim Carey's mask. He said that when he's finished with him he could fill the other half of Gary Coleman's casket. Decipher went up next to rap and told the crowd to quiet down. He said that he doesn't need size to win and started to flow syllabic. He said that he would beat Scott Free with a meter stick and said that he would back smack his adversary to a fast departure. He said that he would have him crashing harder that Travis Barker and compared him to Scott Storch, Scott Steiner. He said the only way his rival is getting laid tonight is if he catches a rape charge. Decipher claims to never trust liars so when his opposition said he was a Ruff Rider he pictured him as a drunk driver with gin and a Bud Weiser. He said that his that his opponent his not street and cops show him gratitude. He asked why he had been challenged by Tim Allen and said that that he makes his rival look like a toy story and his buzz is light years ahead. He said after he's done battling you'll see he lost dramatically like 50 cents weight. In my opinion Scott Free won this round of the rap battle because he had two metaphors that were extremly deep.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Scott Free calling Decipher a nice guy and brought up the fact that his opponent made fun of his girl and kids. He called equated his opposition to a second hand toy store been played out. He said he wanted to hook his rival in the worst way but he said he'll just chill out and drop a a verse instead. He told him that he's not a gangster he'll find him while he's chopping work then grab him by his ankles then shake him for all it's worth and said that Decipher was biologically engineered to kick him self in the face. He asked his opponent what he thought he was gonna do when he literally had sex with women bigger than him and said Bartone would kick the crap out of him. He said he went to a wrestling match and said it took three people his oppositions size fighting to take down one person and they still lost. He asked how his oppositions squad balls hard but he can't dunk on a little kid net. He ended his rap verses by saying something a Jamaican accent. Decipher started his verses spittiing with a syllabic style after he made the comment body bag. He said that he wouldn't respect Scott Free if he was signed and had a diamond plaque. He said that when his challenger tries to rap he knows that the boy is lying. He said that he had rather eat his competition like said a dining dash and said that having heart isn't something you learn so when it was his oppositions you seen a gay delivery like when Mr. Burns servant assists him. Decipher said that you would think that he was locked in a cage the way he'd break Scott Free. He got real syllabic in this verse but the main things he tried to imply was that that he was battling a chronic masturbator who's girl is ugly. He said that his adversary's flow is dry. He called his opponents debut the most artificial debut in the game of rap. In this round Decipher won it in my opinion because his punchlines were harder hitting.

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