Thursday, July 29, 2010

REAL TALK 5 - *PROMO BATTLE* Dwizofoz vs Tu Pham

Dwizofoz started the cypher it sounded like he called Tu Pham wack and accused him of acting. He was syllabic with his rhyme style in the beginning. It seemed like he tried to get s tad bit racist when putting words together. He warned his short Asian opponent that he has people in the crowd that would handle him if he got out of line. He said his whole crew will get ran through and threatened to leave him a dead man. Dwizofoz said he would have sex with Tu Pham mother and compared it to sushi. He claimed that his opponents reach isn't long enough to touch him in a fight and called him weak. He said his idea of a battle was swinging elbows and fists then he compare his rival to one of the Simpsons. It sounded like he said Real Talk when he finished his verse. Tu Pham wasted no time rap battling he went in and told Dwizofoz that he can't beat him in this game and asked him if he was insane. He said that challenger made racial jokes that don't apply to him and said that if he's Japanese rip him and called him a chink then it sounded like he said he would claim his body for scientific research. He claimed that his opposition asked to battle three times. Tu Pham said that his opposition was like the wizard of Oz. In my opinion this round of the lyrical cypher was a tie.

Dwizofoz started off saying under his breath that Tu Pham is the one that was trying to challenge him for three months. He said that his opposition couldn't beat him and tried to call him a Grind Time biter he even mentioned Tantrum and A-Class. This guy was on of those rappers that walked away every time he said something good then would come back and say more. He said that K.F.C. named a meal after his opponent and said that he came to the cypher happy that he finally lost his virginity then said it was through incest with his own sister. Dwizofoz said that his adversary was a loser among all the asians and told him that months down the road that he would regret this. Tu Pham started this round of the battle calling his opponent a loser than asked him if he could survive in the future an told someone to do the hindlick maneuver. He made fun of his challengers man boobs in a syllabic fashion and called him a bitter hater and called his waist size the equator of Jupiter. He accused Dwizofoz of going on dates with Jenny Craig. This round of the hip hop cypher seemed to be a tie.

In the third and last round of this MC battle Dwizofoz proceeded to spit racist raps at Tu Pham almost as if he had him bottled up in his heart and he just wanted to use rhyming as an excuse to let em out calling him yellow. He hit him with a barrage of rhymes and said that is too short to be walking around with his chest out ad asked if he got a boob job. He accused his adversary of taliking through The Wire like Kanye West. Dwizofoz made it clear that he was spitting a freestyle rap verse and seemed more than confident about winning. He got real syllabic again and then his home boy came up to help him finish almost as if it was premeditated. Tu Pham said his emcee rhymes next and had crowd reaction as soon as he started. He rebutted against his adversary talking about asian women and said that his Asian girls wouldn't touch Dwizofoz because he's so ugly. He said that his opponent made him ashamed to be Australian. Dwizofoz won this round of the MC clash by a tad bit more I would say.

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