Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Charron vs Surgeon General

Charron from kotd (King Of The Dot) aka the Canada Rap League started the cypher and called Surgeon General a heavy smoker with tar in his lungs. He claimed that his opponents brain cells are rotting away and cleverly described him using PCP. He focused most of his energy on calling his adversary a chain smoker and made a good analogy about his rival being like a mathematician that hasn't mastered addition. He made funny punchline about his opposers chipped tooth and tried to say that his competition looked like 2Pac (Tupac) Shakur, he even brought up Faith Evans and Biggy Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G. Charron to call the adversary's sister a slut and slipped a few American disses. He said that he would step off the platform for his opponent. Surgeon General's turn was next compared his challengers light complexion to a high beam and said it was lighter. He also equated his oppositions hair that was growing out his ear was long as his rhyme scheme. He told his rival that he is not homeless and that he dwells in Charron's mind. He called his adversary Napoleon Dynamite and said he would make his opposers eat explosives. Next he claimed to be getting political and compared his opponent to confederate from the south. He said that he was making his challengers famous and came to eat rappers while comparing him to a piece of Canadian bacon. The last rhyme he said was about him knowing a girl with the same name as his rival. Surgeon General won this round of the rapping battle.

In the second round of the session Charron went in calling his opposition a dumb ass. He said that his adversary coaches Pee Wee Football and called more competitive than the kids on his team and brought up the fact that he claims to freestyle in his verses and made fun of his girl friend. He claimed that he would leave his opponent dead in the bay tried to call his rival a fake gangster and questioned his street credibility saying that his resister only claps when spits a rhyme and he be the only one clapping. Surgeon General compared Charron's hair style to an alien and his delivery was aggressive syllabic and seemed to be coming off the top with his raps. He made rude gestures about the guys Canadian flag and told him not to get mad at him for getting his girl pregnant. He made a syllabic punchline about his adversary looking like ugly version of Andy Milonakis and also tried to call him one of Michael Jackson's rape victims. Surgeon General also said his opposer looked like macaulay culkin with broken arms then asked him if he's smoking. He then told the crowd his opponents real name. He finished off calling his adversary a white bitch. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher Charron countered what his opponent said about Andy Milonakis by also comparing his adversary to him due to the fact that both of there ages can't be figured out just by simply looking at them. He said when he told his parents he was battling Florida's hardest thug they got scared until they seen a picture of Surgeon General then they started laughing and wanted to know what part of he was from so they can send there family members to visit. He tried to say that his adversary lives in a car by himself and made short man jokes as well saying that the man got rejected from a Disney ride and called his girlfriend a midget and said every few seconds she trips on her shoe strings. Charron supposedly spoke to his opponents manager who claimed told him that the guy had been stabbed over a woman and gave his manager a message. Surgeon General started rhyming next and confronted all of the rumors that his opposition seemed to be spreading and called it a lie. He said that his challengers mother is a fat bitch with a big ass head and that's where his rivals intellects come from then tried to make up stuff about his sister saying that niggas ran from her because she is fat and he seemed to be improvising. He said that Charron tried to be in the Dorritos commercial but didn't make it so he tried out for the Cheetohs commercial and called his father. Surgeon General said that he heard his oppositions sister gives head to men in Canada until they run out of stamina. He also said that he would rip his rival apart with his bare hands and slice him up. This round was a tie.

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