Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Agony vs. Legacy

Legacy started the the rap battle saying that he doesn't wanna get the crowd rolling. I would say that that his delivery and flow was all around smoothe and he guessed that rival might talk about his chick and shooting a bunch of guns. He made a few interesting points like the one when he said that Agony had to drive Tallahassee just to tryout. At the end it seemed that Legacy spit a freestyle verse and tried to imply that his opponents writtens were weak. Agony then went up to rap next accusing his adversary of doing nothing with his life then told him he's full of excuses and ruining music. He started out using multi syllabic endings that weren't were understandable to most but when he said exuberant he probably raised the bar a little. He compared his challenger Damion Marley because of his long hair while trying to imply that Legacy might be a little bit confused about his heritage. Agony was a tad bit harder in his verses so I would have to give this round to him.

Legacy started the second round with no hesitation and said that his hair is louder than his voice. He then paused while the crowd got there hysterical laughs out and came back in and made a hair joke or two. He seemed to freestyle rapping and improvising because confronted Agony and his insults easily. He countered the punchline about when his adversary said he looks like Damion Marley and switched it up on his opposition when he called him a light skinned wish bone. Then Agony jumped in to spit his verse soon after and spit harder rhymes when he threatened to leave his opponent with two prosthetic legs. He also tried to squeeze mad rhymes in his verse wile he told a story. He told his challenger that he ain't a gangster and said he could take him outside and beat him up but he rather make him realize that he sucks. In my opinion this round of the rapping battle was a tie.

In the third round of this cypher Legacy tried to imply that his opponent probably got picked on when he was little because his mother was the victim of a hit and run accident. He spit a few deep lines that made think of poetry when he was rhyming especially when described Agony's name. Legacy said, "your mother wouldn't even claim you for tax return purposes" and that tops it for the best punchline I heard this week. His angle was basically to try say hat his rival had traumatic child hood. I dig the way he put lyrics together and his finishing statement was straight hard. Agony jumped in this round a tad bit cocky talking like he had it in the bag and claimed that this cypher was a mismatch and said that he heard about Legacy supposedly living in a trailer park with his mom. He told a harsh story about going to his challenger crib and causing havok. He said that his opponents mother was screaming tell him to stop. He had an all around good performance in this round and was both syllabic and lyrical. Legacy won this round in my opinion but I must say that was a close round and could've went vice versa.

In the fouth and last round of this rhyme battle Agony started the first round and claimed he was a little sad but started off by saying that his opponent use to hang with his uncle who was a child molester and took advantage of young boys. He tried to say that challenger was desensitized by five years old and focused heavily on making gay jokes about his opponent. He ended threatening to give him more shots than a spring breaker in Mexico. Legacy then went in and spit his rap verse and said that his style is the reason most down south cats get killed. He mentioned that Agony might listen to Outkast but he reminded him that he's in Florida and his rhyme style was thorough. He told his adversary that swagger doesn't make up for his skills lacking. He killed this round hands down when he said that he would put his opponent out of his misery he said that his adversary bit his style from Carlito's way. Legacy won this round of this lyrical battle without a doubt.

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