Thursday, July 15, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Strayt Paper vs Kooly Bop

Kooly Bop started the rap cypher telling the crowd to read the news today and said that he tuned Strayt Paper into art work. He had sound effects for when he makes money and said that he would erase his adversary and put him in the shredder. He called his opponents flow the equivalent to the trash can and called him remedial. He compared putting his heat to his rivals head like the front of an Adidas shoe. Kooly Bop equated breaking Artisan, Nov, Abcde, up like a styrofoam cup. He tried to say that he was crazy and that he needs a cat scan and referred to his opposition as being corn on the cob. He called him butterscotch and claimed to have sex with his rivals sister, he said he made his dick climb up her walls like Spider man. Strayt Paper said his verse next and said his challenger is a little nigga thats mad small and far from brolic. He called his opponents team bitches and said that there are the complete opposite of riders. Kooly Bop said that if his adversary keeps talking drunk about letting his coke pile up he'd take his keys from him. He asked him how them how he shoots chopper when than are bigger than him. He said a girl can beat his ass and he doesn't have to blast him and said he should slap him. Strayt Paper mentioned using wrestling moves on him and said that if he catches him in his house trying take his cheese he'll end up like a mouse. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher Kooly Bop told a story about what the name of his opposition was going by a year ago, currency because he wasn't getting money currently. He said that he didn't feel right battling his opponent because he go man boobs and that nobody else made him into that it was just the way that he was born. He said that he should call his adversary paper plate because they call him Strayt Paper but his paper ain't straight. He said that he would leave his opponent see through like a glass of Vodka and seemed to be comparing him self to a pit bull. Kooly Bop equated his rap verses to Mozart and he said he knows nigga's that are more hood than his opposition from the Phillipines. The last thing the man said was he left his kids on his rivals girlfriends face like an autograph. The other MC otherwise known as Strayt Paper went in next and said the last rapper he went up against he proved him to be a fool and said that his challenger really ain't cool. He claimed that he would mop Kooly Bop in a fight and leave him slobbering drool and said that his team is gun busters. He compared his adversary's crew to the Dodgers and the rescue rangers. He said that he shoots more heat out the metal than an Iron and said that rival can't find him he ain't looking too good because he's in the hood. Strayt Paper said that he thinks his opposition was over hyping himself up trying to call him a fake and a liar basically. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this rhyme battle Kooly Bop spit about when he steps into clubs and what type of recognition he gets and equated his name to a Jeopardy contestant. He described his guns and said he has a big k like the store that Strayt Paper supposedly gets his clothes from. He said that his adversary is on a thrift store budget because he can't afford the mall. He said that his opposition isn't nicer but they keep gassing him up like he is. Kooly Bop said that his metaphors wake up the dead and he said his punchlines will make turn in his grave. He said they set him up against somebody average and he called himself all state first class number one draft pick. He called his opposition as soft as his female friends is and said that he seen him on the movie Amistad. Strayt Paper told his challenger as soon as he started spitting to stop all the tough chat because the only time he cocks and aims is at some other nigga's butt crack. He also said that you don't wanna see Kooly Bop's whole crew because they are all ho mo and if they come around it's not your cash that you have to worry about. The last statement that he said was he'd treat his adversary's life like a flight and leave it departed. In my opinion Strayt Paper won this round of the rapping battle

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