Monday, June 14, 2010

D scrill Vs Sunny Cartel

Sunny Cartel volunteered to started to rap first in the MC battle first and had a hungry rap delivery and he was some what more interesting with his hip hop verses, he was full of life with his presentation. This man otherwise known as Sunny Cartel had some tough verses in this rap cypher. The first reference Sunny Cartel made a reference to was D scrill's girl being broke. Sunny Cartel kind of reminded me of the well know battle rapper Cassidy with the way he presented his rhymes. The man known as Sunny Cartel even called himself the Stretch Armstrong of the ghetto. He referred to D scrill as being rap clown. The best punchline D scrill spit was when he said, I'll catch him while he's jewelry shopping and leave him necklace". Do you get it? When it was time for his rap opponent D scrill to spit his rap verse he went in hard for for real. D scrill seemed to have lesser animated rap presentation that was still thorough but just not as interesting in my opinion. He was still on point with the battle raps and punchlines. D scrill brought up Sunny Cartel's high school in history. He said, "that Sunny Cartel brought an extra tall transvestite to his prom that would have wore his ring but the tranny wouldn't because Sunny Cartel didn't graduate" that was funny a funny rap punchline. D scrill had a good rap flow he was syllabic with putting rhymes together. D scrill called Sunny Cartel a light skinned Mike Bennett thinking that he might win it. His strongest point in my opinion was the way he put rhymes together. Both of these two emcees were thoroughly consistent in the first round of this rap cypher and I would say that this round was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher Sunny Cartel definitely brought the heat. He mentioned the obvious recession that our country is in. He tried to call D scrill a sissy. He started off spitting real gangta rhymes Sunny Cartel said that D scrill wife be calling him. His rap presentation was so strong that the crowd started barking. Sunny Cartel said he would snatch him out his car then said he had to take it back because D scrill had no car. When it was time for Sunny Cartel to finish spitting his rap verse he tried but the time clock was up before he could. D scrill started to spit his rap verse soon after Sunny Cartel's time was up. He compared himself to traffic lights and satellites. It seemed that D scrill spit battle raps about how much purple he smokes. D scrill sounded like he had a little slip up when he was rapping. D scrill ended his rap verse talking. This round of the rapping battle was a tie.

In the third round of this rhyme battle of all rap battles in other words th main event, Sunny Cartel spit some hard rap verses. This man referred himself your excellence when he started spitting his rap lyrics. Sunny Cartel kept his this round of the rap cypher interesting with his rap performance he was truely a loose cannon when he spit his rhyme verse. D scrill spit his rap battle lyrics next and he seemed to be freestyle rapping his verse. He continued to spit fire and seemed to be spitting a more spontaneous freestyle rap. D scrill was rapping about how he would shoot Sunny Cartel and a ton of rap insults on D scrill that were pretty good and funny. I would have to say this round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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