Monday, June 7, 2010


G MONEY started the rap battle his rhymes were thorough. G MONEY had good syllabic rap flow. The rhymes he spit could've been written but they were most likely freestyled. G MONEY had a lot of good punchlines worth remembering his first punchline about scissor kicking N.O.L.A's mother was ill. N.O.L.A went in on his verse during his first round of this rap battle my favorite punchline was when N.O.L.A referred to G MONEY giving Shannay nay head that was a good one, G MONEY seemed to be more spontaneous like maybe he was freestyle rapping he mentioned the Head Ice and Tye Knots.N.O.L.A also had a lot of racist punchlines as well. If you judge on rhymes and punchlines both of these rappers were equally matched but G MONEY had a stronger presense in his rap delivery so I would say that G MONEY won by a tad bit.

G MONEY tried to counter N.O.L.A racist metaphors with his own. G MONEY went sick he stepped rhymes up as well as his delivery. G MONEY funny as hell liked the part when he spoke about running had aover N.O.L.A's dog. N.O.L.A went in on this rap cypher with a ton of spontaneous freestyle raps, it really seemed like he was coming of the top of the dome. He mannaged to bring up plies and Hollow DA Don and N.O.L.A said G MONEY looks like a Puerto Rican Arab. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

In round three G MONEY started this round of the rapping battle with a thorough but mean punchline about Magic Johnson. G MONEY a quiet but effective rap delivery and his punchline about the manican store was funny. N.O.L.A seemed to be frestyling. N.O.L.Aseemed to have messed in the middle of his rap verse during this round of the rhyme battle. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion as well.

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