Saturday, June 12, 2010

DON'T FLOP - JollyJay Vs Nishi

Nishi started this rap cypher in the first round with a mean voice.Nishi focused on making rap jokes about Nishi's nose. Nishi said he even spoke to Nishi's twitter followers. Nishi came with a harsh sounding rap delivery and his punchlines were getting all in JollyJay's ass. JollyJay countered just as agressive with his rap rhymes. JollyJay started by saying Nishi's girl didn't mind that JollyJay's nose was so big when he was sticking Nishi's girl with it. JollyJay won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the cypher Nishi had a syllabic rap style. Nishi continued to rap about JollyJay's nose. Nishi tried to make the argument that JollyJay grew up on a farm practicing bestiality. JollyJay spit those thorough syllabic rap rhymes to counter him. He basically tried to say that Nishi's rap rhymes were elementary. My favorite punchline JollyJay said was you don't know how to stop like a blind man wiping his ass. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

In the third round of this Youtube rap battle Nishi was off the chain. He said that JollyJay doesn't have a girl and practices bestiality. Nishi tried to that JollyJay mis represents the U.K.. In the third round JollyJay stepped up the rhyme battle with his multi syllabic battle raps. JollyJay also had a better rap delivery. JollyJay won this round of the rap cypher.

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