Friday, June 18, 2010

Grind TIme Now Presents: Phranchyze/Stareater vs Caustic/Frank Stacks

Caustic and Frank Stacks started the first round of this cypher off. Frank Stacks accused Phranchyze of playing too much Halo and he said he would have Soul Khan sodomize him in his gape hole with a dreidel and called him gay then he called Stareater ugly. Caustic said that Phranchyze and Stareater look like a couple of shadows of bad teeth and said he would tell them to get some tattoos with black ink but why waste there money on tattoos that you can't see. Frank Stacks said that what seperates him from Phranchyze the battle rapper is that he's a real rapper and called Stareater an actual fagot. Caustic called Stareater Afro samurai. Phranchyze and Stareater spit there rap defense next. Phranchyze started off by asking who's a fagot and saying his opponents look like a possom and rat. He said the day that white kids say that he talks like he's black is the day he calls Frank Stacks and Caustic awesome at rap. He also accused them of trying to sell eight graders muscle relaxers and re enacted how they do it. Stareater said Caustic doesn't have adams apple he has an grape fruit and said he has an adam grape fruit. Stareater he would bang stacks like frog slammers. Phranchyze gave Frank Stacks an choices of how he wants to lose his life. Stareater said that Frank Stacks works at a gelatto stand and has a pair of ass less chaps. This round of the rap cypher was hard to judge but Caustic and Frank Stacks won this round in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical cypher Frank Stacks said that when they mention URL Phranchyze and Stareater go into nerd mode. Frank Stacks said that Stareater looks like an african burned toad. He even made fun of Phranchyze's Facial hair. Caustic went sick too and called Phranchyze a Roberto Clemente and said that his opponents go to homo parades in feminist. He said before work they put on leathery jackets and a funny soldier had and go to public Enemy rap concerts. these two rappers. had a funny ending in this round. Phranchyze started off and said he could make Frank Stacks's movement stop and his girl doesn't like to dance why would she do the Wop. Stareater said looks like a gringo flamingo and Frank Stacks was late to the battle because he couldn't figure out whether he wanted to wear Gringos or some old Jinos. Stareater said Caustic used to sing song along to low ka moa wearing shorts and sandles with open toes. Phranchyze said he could screw Frank Stacks mother he even called him piss hole for somebody who's got it together. Stareater tried to say that Caustic can't afford name brand cereal. Both Phranchyze and Stareater won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of this rap chlallenge Caustic said it's hard to take them seriously when it sounds like they are auditioning for STOMP. He said Phranchyze looks like the Beverly Hills Cop and Stareater looks like the Beverly Hills Ninja. Frank Stacks said Stareater is better off faceing math hoffa in a slap boxing contest then rap against Caustic and Frank Stacks. When it was time for Phranchyze and Caustic to spit there rap bars. Phranchyze started his verse round of the cypher calling himself the black Larry bird, he also said Frank Stacks is an over rated zero and said Frank Stacks looks like a Serbian Basketball Coach. Stareater called Caustic looks like the character from Rat a too ee and Frank Stacks mother is fat and Italian so that makes her a Guinea Pig. At the end of of this round of the tournament Phranchyze impersonated Caustic and Stareater impersonated Frank Stacks. In my opinion Phranchyze and Stareater won this round of the rap battle.

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