Monday, June 14, 2010


PUSH PAX bravely volunteered to spit first in this hip hop battle for glory showing his true color and how confident of a rap star he is. The emcee PUSH PAX had those gangsta rap battle lyrics but he switched it up. He even spit about fronting SCO some work and if he messed it up he would hang his daughter by the same jump rope she uses to jump rope with and make SCO's girl drink piss. PUSH PAX had some slick metaphors too. He said he'd play the thong song while he has sex with SCO's sister He finished his verse saying that SCO had the same socks on for quite a long time and now those socks are starting to get hard. SCO hopped in and started spitting his verse in this cypher soon after. He had thorough rap rhymes and said that it's a shame that PUSH PAX has to lift up his stomach to have sex with a girl. SCO had a rap performance that was more animated and in your face funny kind of. Both of these rappers had a similar rap flow and put words together the same. His first good punchline was when he said that PUSH PAX has to use his balls to fill up the rest of a condom. SCO bragged about being the best M C that Def Jam ever had. SCO won this round of the hip hop tournament in my opinion.

In round two of this rap confrontation PUSH PAX didn't waste any time when it came to lyrically attacking his opponent in this hip hop contest for glory and bragging rights. The M C PUSH PAX had a reference to the Italian inspired gangster movie Casino. This rapper had a ton clever word play he even incorporated spanish rhymes into his verse. PUSH PAX had more disrespectful references to having sex with SCO's mother. I also dug the rhyme when he said act wrong then I'll give you the right. SCO some lighter hearted funny raps compared to PUSH PAX. My two favorite punchlines that he spit was about his father breast feeding and his sister looking just like him so she ha problems attracting men. This round of the rap cypher was a tie

In the third round of the hip hop battle PUSH PAX started this battle to a good start. This man went sick I like it when he said he'll tackle SCO's grandmother with no pads on He even tried to say SCO spent 2.50 on a nickel bag. When the emcee PUSH PAX Jerome said, "Jerome in the house", the crowd went crazy. PUSH PAX came with more fagot references to his opponent. SCO called PUSH PAX the father from family guy and he'd be damn if he lost to him. This boy was calling rap opponent basically. This round of the rapping battle was a tie in my opinion.

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