Friday, June 18, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Adam The Rapper/Innuendo Vs Mista Switch/Unanymous

Mista Switch and Unanymous started this first round of the raps battle. Unanymous started the cypher calling Innuendo a bad co host. Mista Switch made a comment about Innuendo wearing a sky blue t shirt he was confused about why he was wearing one. Unanymous said Adam The Rapper looks like Jack Osbourne before chemotherapy and said that Innuendo looks like Jack Osbourne after chemotherapy. Innuendo started spitting his verse talking about how he's a ghost writer for other rappers and says he wishes that he wrote Mista Switch and Unanymous's rhymes. Adam The Rapper said he battle raps just for joy and he would rearrange both of his opponents faces but what's the point. Innuendo said that Unanymous needs to learn to speak properly. Adam The Rapper said he would punch in Unanymous's eye and box in his lips but he would probably mess around get stuck at the wrist I didn't get it. I would say that Adam The Rapper and Innuendo won this rap cypher by a very little bit.

In the second round of this promo rap tournament Mista Switch started out saying thank god Adam The Rapper is here to save you. Unanymous tried to make an insult about Innuendo but instead it seemed more like he was complimenting him. Mista Switch called himself the best rapper in there literally. Unanymous called him and Mista Switch the chosen pair. Innuendo started the second half of this freestyle battle. Adam The Rapper made a dis respectful comment about people from Berlin having the most stupidest accent in the country and the crowd started booing. Innuendo said Liver city mates DON'T FLOP and asked one of his two rap opponents if he's wearing a blanket. Mista Switch and Unanymous won this round of the hip hop rap battle.

Unanymous started off by saying you can usually see Innuendo with Oshea mumbling and stumbeling drunk. In the third round of Mista Switch said I'll slice you and dice you to seven bits. Unanymous called Innuendo the ugliest cunt. In the third round of this cypher it truly did turn into a heated battle. Innuendo spit his rap verse and got in Unanymous's face when he was rapping. You can tell he was mad about something he said,"my fuckin mates dad died in the Auschwitz disaster". Adam The Rapper was also good at spitting freestyle raps during this round of the rap battle. Adam The Rapper said Unanymous is fat like he eats load of food and Mista Switch looks like a heroin addict. This round of the rap clash was a tie. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

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