Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Texas Battle League: Blaze Won vs. Core

Blaze Won started the cypher talking about how he heres a whole bunch of stuff from over analytical online rap fans. They apparently have criticized him in the past about having played out Fight Klub punchlines. He compared Core a young bum looking version of George Lopez. He claimed that he was gonna brake him down to the Core just like his rap name,Do you get it? He said he rather be judged on thousands of name flips when he raps instead of digging up dirt about his opponents and using personal info to win a rap cypher. He said he'll shoot Core in the forehead if he even thinks about taking his corn bread and said that Core Looks like Cortez. Blaze Won compared himself to Don Corleone. His advesary otherwise known as Core he called his raps foolish and his flow is generic and he shout be embarrassed for even trying to rhyme. He claimed that he's just gonna keep losing his battles especially to him. Core compared his own rap game to Labron James basketball skills. He tried to say that Blaze Won under estimated him and is a fake thug that nobody respects. Core claimed that his foe claims to keep heat but wouldn't squeeze a lama at at a petting zoo and tried to call him a nice white guy because he doesn't give real daps he gives high fives. The rapper know as Core was getting syllabic with putting rhymes together at times. He said that his foe get has a bi-guy watching his blind side at night time. Core said he lacks the patience for someone who's fake. He called Blaze Won a drag queen that wore a purse and said it probably humiliated his father and told him to go back to Dallas because he just killed him in a this battle in round one like the Spurs and the Maverics. Core won this round of the battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Blaze Won gave respect to the San Antonio Spurs but referred to there rappers as being fags. He went as far to say that he's a cross over between Marcus Garvey and Pimp C and compared to being somewhere between his feet and the concrete so he said that he was gonna stomp him down. He warned to Core to retreat with his nuts tucked and to keep his lips sealed and gums shut. Blaze Won told his adversary you wouldn't squeeze triggers and duck hunt you would't throw dirt at a dump truck and the only keys he ever pushed was an F sharp major. He called himself a nextel GTS and his opponent a skytel pager. He said that Core and his friends be having T parties. Blaze Won tried to say that all his adversary does is make rap jokes like Steve Harvey. He ended his verse rapping about shooting away his rival and their posse. Core started rhyming next and said that he doesn't have to cuss a lot or rap about busting shots. He said that Blaze Won is a scared timid type of man. He called him a cock loving sucking jock and asked him how is his name blaze when he ain't never said nothing hot. He said that his rival isn't packing a full clip and his act was amusing and it made him happy that he only had one ear so he doesn't have to listen to half of what Blaze Won spit. He called his adversaries rapping useless. He tried to make jokes about Blaze Won's lyricist skills. Core asked when did uncle cracker become such a punk ass rapper. This round was a tie.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Blaze Won claimed that Core his opponent was finished. He said this battle is like Danny Daveto going up against someone with the strength of Dee bow. He said his rival still goes to the restaurant and orders chicken strips off the dollar menu. He ended by spitting about how he tea bags on Cores chicks face and tried to imply that his opposing challenger kisses her right after. Blaze Won messed up on his rap lyrics right after he said that and didn't even finish the battle. His rival Blaze Won was next up to rap.Already lost He told him that he could try all that he like even though he already lost. Core said that Blaze Won lies when he rapsand he said that Blaze Won's vagina is tight. He said that his challenger kept on licking his lips. Core's last statement was that Blaze Won will always be hot because he'll never have fans and in my opinion he ultimately won the rap battle.


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